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Is There Cross-Progression Between Platforms in Tower of Fantasy? – Answered

Should you grind your progress on two separate accounts on two separate devices?

by Nikola L

Tower of Fantasy broke the Internet on its release day, with millions of downloads of the game done on the first day. Who knows, it might break into ten million downloads on all platforms combined. Now, an important question is being raised: Do you need to maintain two separate accounts on two separate devices and grind separately?

Here’s everything you need to know about cross-progression in Tower of Fantasy.

Can You Share Progress Between Platforms in the Tower of Fantasy?

The first question when it comes to games of this sort is “Does Tower of Fantasy have Cross-Platform Support?” and we have removed all doubt on that matter in the article linked above. As for cross-progression however…

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Do you need to have separate accounts for your PC and your phone? The answer is: NO! This means that YES, you can log out from your PC session and hop back in from your mobile phone and resume play there if you need to get on a train, on a bus, or if you just want to sit on a grassy knoll in the shade of a tree, to relax in nature surrounded by fresh air. All jokes and memes aside, we advise moderation in everything, including the MMO grind. Make sure to take time away from screens from time to time.

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The difference will be, of course, slightly worse graphics (due to the hardware differences, nothing you can do there) and the user interface, since you’ll use the touchscreen to control your character, which some players aren’t fully used to.

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