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Temtem Type Chart Guide – How Typing Works

by Ginny Woo

So, you’ve been wanting to dive into Temtem after checking out all the hype around it. A Pokemon-skinned MMO? What’s not to love, aye? Well, knowing which starter you might want to pick isn’t all the knowledge you’ll want to arm yourself with before you charge into battle. Check out our Temtem Type Chart guide for some tips on how typing works. 

Temtem Type Chart Guide – How Typing Works

So, Types in Temtem work pretty much the way that they do in Pokemon. Certain Types of Temtem will be strong against some, and weak against others. There are 12 different Types of Temtem, so while you’re still learning the ropes, here’s our helpful guide where we’ve listed out what each type is effective against and weak to. 

  • Crystal – strong against Electric + Mental, weak to Earth + Fire + Melee
  • Digital – strong against Digital + Melee + Mental, weak to Digital + Electric + Water
  • Earth – strong against Crystal + Fire + Electric, weak to Nature + Melee + Water
  • Electric – strong against Digital + Mental + Nature + Water, weak to Crystal + Earth
  • Fire – strong against Nature + Crystal, weak to Water + Earth
  • Melee – strong against Crystal + Earth, weak to Digital + Mental
  • Mental – strong against Melee + Neutral, weak to Crystal + Digital + Electric
  • Neutral – strong against nothing, weak to Mental
  • Nature – strong against Earth + Water, weak to Toxic + Fire
  • Toxic – strong against Nature + Water, weak to Wind
  • Water – strong against Digital + Earth + Fire, weak to Electric + Nature + Toxic
  • Wind – strong against Toxic, weak to Electric

Now that you’ve got our Temtem Type chart guide sorted, it should be easy enough for you to figure who you want to prioritize on your team as you’re cracking out into the MMO’s expansive world. If you need a hand with something else to do with Temcards or just anything else about CremaGames’ latest, why not check out these tips and tricks that we’ve put together for you?

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