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Temtem on PS5 Will Have Crossplay With PC

by Morgan Shaver

In an exciting announcement, it was revealed that Temtem is coming to PS5 with Early Access beginning on December 8. Temtem first released back in January on PC and had a rather interesting start.

With so many gamers interested in checking out Temtem, servers were initially overloaded given the number of people all trying to jump into the game on launch day. 

Crema was extremely transparent with gamers at the time as they worked on their servers and once that was smoothed out, people were finally able to begin their Temtem journey.

As you can imagine, a lot of people play Temtem on PC. If you’re concerned about server population on PS5, we have good news as Temtem will support crossplay between PS5 and PC. 

Temtem on PS5 Will Have Crossplay With PC

On December 8, Temtem will release in Early Access on PS5. It’ll be the first time Temtem has been available anywhere other than PC.

With so many users playing the game on PC, people who intend to play the game on PS5 will be happy to hear that crossplay between PS5 and PC will be supported. As such, you can team up with your friends who’ve been playing the game on PC and they can help show you the ropes.

For those unfamiliar with Temtem, many have compared it to Pokemon as you start the game by picking one of three Temtem before you set off on a journey capturing other Temtem and becoming the best Tamer (not Trainer) possible. 

You can battle enemies you encounter on various routes, and you can test your strength at Dojos (similar to Pokemon Gyms) at various towns. The main difference between Temtem and Pokemon is the MMORPG setup. 

In Temtem, you can see other players in the world and interact with them. The aforementioned “co-op with a friend” example is one way, but you can also battle random players, trade with them, and chat which is great if you have any questions such as, “Where do I find this Temtem?” 

Temtem was made by indie developer Crema and the game is still in active development hence the “Early Access” release on PS5. It’s in Early Access on PC as well. When complete, there will be six main islands for players to explore. As of right now, you can access four of these.

Over 100 different Temtem can be discovered and captured in the game. There are 12 different Temtem types including: 

  • Neutral
  • Wind
  • Earth
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Nature
  • Electric
  • Mental
  • Digital
  • Melee
  • Crystal
  • Toxic

Image Source: Temtem Wiki

Some types are stronger against others, while other types are weaker. The strengths and weaknesses are strongly emphasized in Temtem, they’re not something you want to ignore. With this in place, battles are always exciting.

Plus, instead of battling one Temtem against another solo Temtem, you’ll send out two Temtem at once. When paired correctly, some Temtem complement each other in surprisingly effective ways.

Once you complete what’s available of the main campaign (again you can only access four of the six islands right now) you’re free to continue training your Temtem.

There’s a breeding center where you can breed stronger Temtem and special Temtem that you can capture called Lumas.

You can also battle your Temtem in ranked battles, and you can get yourself a house in Atoll Row and customize it however you like. One thing that’s cool about Atoll Row is that you can explore other homes there without load times.

If you’re interested in playing Temtem on PS5, the game is available for pre-order on the PlayStation Store ahead of its December 8 release at a discount.

Rather than its regular $39.99 purchase price, you can pre-order the Standard Edition for $37.49 and get access to pre-order content including avatars and a pre-order title.

You can also pre-order the Deluxe Edition for $57.49 (regularly $59.99) and get everything included with the Standard Edition along with additional goodies like the Early Access Camo Outfit pack which includes a camouflage backpack, bandana, and uniform. 

In the press release, it’s noted that as the two remaining islands are added, the game will increase in price. 

In the end, the Standard Edition will cost $44.99 and the Deluxe Edition will cost $64.99 so it’s worth it to buy the game now as opposed to later. Again, Temtem will release on PS5 in Early Access starting December 8.

It’ll support crossplay between PS5 and PC communities, and will expand with new content in the near future including two new islands, new Temtem, new multiplayer features, activities, and more. 

For more on Temtem, be sure to check out the game’s official website.