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Temtem Update Opens Cipanku, Adds Mythical Temtem, Teleportation

by Morgan Shaver

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, it was confirmed that the island of Cipanku will be open to all Temtem players starting April 13. The update is pretty substantial, and there’s a lot more to look forward to than Cipanku alone. 

Highly requested features like teleportation are being added, and Mythical Temtem are being introduced for the very first time!  

Temtem Update Opens Cipanku, Adds Mythical Temtem, Teleportation

On the PlayStation Blog, Crema Game Director Guillermo Andrades outlined some of the things Temtem players can look forward to as part of a new update available starting today, April 13.

One of the main focuses of this update is the rollout of Cipanku island, further expanding the area that players can explore in Temtem. As for the sort of Temtem you’ll be able to find while you’re exploring Cipanku, the island is home to Electric/Digital types. 

“Cipanku is the first island to house Digital Temtem, a rare Temtem type that humans created in the Nanto laboratories.

Digital Tems come with their own new and exclusive Traits and Techniques; they’re the first type to be weak to themselves.

Digital Tems are strong against Mental, Melee and Digital types, and are weak to Water, Electric and Digital types. They’re also resistant to the Toxic type.” 

In addition to expanding your team with 24 new Temtem to capture – as noted in the update trailer’s description – there’s another reason to visit Cipanku… Mythical Temtem.

That’s right, Mythical Temtem are being added to the game for the very first time along with a new way to capture them called Lairs. 

“Lairs are a group activity, ranging from three to five players (having five is strongly recommended), where you and your teammates will be able to progress through your own paths to get a chance at capturing Mythical Temtem.

In Lairs, even though each player receives a different randomly generated path, all resources are shared and resource management is the true key to success in reaching the Mythical.” 

So, whether you’re after Digital Temtem or you and your friends are tackling a Lair to reach a Mythical Temtem, it sounds like there’s a lot to do on Cipanku. And when it comes to features, the update adds something players have been requesting for quite a while. 

With the update, you’ll be able to unlock a side quest in Cipanku that gives you the ability to fast travel in Temtem via teleportation. 

“The technology advancement in Cipanku will allow you to unlock one of the most requested features so far: teleportation.

By completing a side quest in the city of Neoedo, you’ll unlock a nifty teleport system that, in exchange for a fee, will let you travel instantly from many different hotspots across the Archipelago. Teleports to any Narwhal airport are free, though.” 

The implementation of Activity Cards for all in-game quests is also being added to Temtem via the new update, and at long last, the Crystal Skates are coming back. Finally, the PlayStation Blog post concludes with a few tips for players before they jump into Temtem and make their way over to Cipanku.

Specifically, having your team leveled up to 50 or higher is recommended. As for team suggestions, Madrid and Grumper are mentioned along with Nessla (with Electric Synthesize). For more on the update, Cipanku, Mythical Temtem, teleportation, and more, be sure to read through the full post on the PlayStation Blog

Good luck, and happy Mythical Temtem hunting! 

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