Spider-Man 2: How to Beat Lizard

Time for his annual check up

Lizard Boss Spider-Man 2
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Dr. Connors had no choice but to turn into Lizard after Kraven intervened and now it’s time for you to take him down in Spider-Man 2. This marks the beginning of a long gauntlet of bosses throughout the second half of the game, and I’m here to help you knock this reptile out.

How to Defeat Lizard in Spider-Man 2

Lizard is going to feel like the toughest boss fights up to this point and the beast introduces the use of crush attacks. These can’t be parried, so be prepared for plenty of dodges against vicious bites. After he’s taken down though, you’re going the feel prepared for the gauntlet of bosses in the story ahead.

Phase 1

Lizard Spider-Man 2
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There are three phases to deal with in this fight and the first one is the introduction to his attacks. Most of the time you want to watch out for a double swipe attack that can be parried. Lizard will follow this up with a quick bit that can only be dodged. This is marked with a blue circle instead of red or yellow so it’s easier to watch for. However, I found that there wasn’t a lot of time to dodge.

Along with the occasional tail attacks, this leg of the fight is straightforward. Play fast defense and dump as many combos as you can on the beast-like Dr. Connors. The next section is similar, but there is one change.

Phase 2

Fighting lizard in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
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Everything from the first phase remains the same in the second one. The only difference is that Lizard occasionally jumps on the wall and starts throwing projectiles at you. All you have to do to counter this is web him in the face.

He won’t be entirely webbed up, though. When I used my web shooters, all I had to do was cover Lizard’s face until he started grabbing at the web. This is your chance to do a web strike on the wall. If he isn’t webbed properly, he will grab you and get free damage every time.

Phase 3

Riding lizard through New York City before finishing the fight.
Screenshot by Prima Games.

This is where Lizard has had enough of the fight. He jumps out of the sewer, and you need to chase him through the city again. After you catch up, you have a small altercation with Kraven, but it’s not part of the main fight. Peter and Lizard will quickly fall back into the sewers for one more round.

In this phase, Lizard has a crush attack that is just as fast as before, but it acts like a long-range cone. The beast uses a roar that hurts the Symbiote suit, so you need to avoid this attack if you don’t want to take massive damage. Otherwise, follow the same steps and soon enough you’ll jab Dr. Connors with the serum.

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