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Raft Grass Plots Guide: Animals, Watering and More

Green green grass of... Raft?!

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Raft Grass Plots Guide Animals, Watering and More

Raft is a popular survival game where you literally set out on the open sea with a raft consisting of a few boards and the will to survive. As the game progresses and as you collect resources, you will have the opportunity to create more and more complex tools and systems to expand your raft so much that you can build a house on it. You will also eventually be able to even create a yard with grass on your raft using Grass Plots. To find out what can a lawn in Raft be used for, keep reading.

How to Create Grass Plots in Raft

To create one piece of Grass Plot, you will need the following items:

  • Dirt x2
  • Plank x6
  • Plastic x4

Watering the Grass Plots in Raft

After you place a Grass Plot on an empty space on your raft, it needs to be watered using Fresh Water. You can water it manually or install a Sprinkler. Even rain can water a Grass Plot. Once watered, the Grass Plot will produce new Grass in five minute’s time.

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Farming Animals in Raft Using Grass

The primary use of grass in Raft is to feed the livestock that you might have on board. If you happen to have a Net Launcher, you can capture and tame the following animals:

  • Clucker (Chicken-like animal)
  • Goat
  • Llama

Cluckers lay Eggs, Goats produce Milk and you can shave off Wool from Llamas – all very useful resources! In order for your animal to be healthy and alive, you need to feed them every eight minutes, meaning one Grass Plot can sustain one animal each, with a window of three minutes to water it again after the animal has eaten the Grass. Being creative and making some automated systems can help here of course, but those are basic rules of farming in Raft.

Now you know all about Grass plots and farming Grass in Raft, go capture some LLamas and create the floating petting zoo you always dreamed of.

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