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Raft Sprinkler Range and Radius Guide: Tips and Tricks

Sprinkle your way to survival!

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Raft Sprinkler Range and Radius Guide Tips and Tricks

Raft is a popular survival game where you collect resources and assemble various contraptions you need to survive on the open sea on your raft. The most important thing in any survival game is to ensure a constant flow of drinkable water and food so that you don’t die of hunger and thirst. If the process is automated, all the better. The Water Sprinkler is one such tool that will help you automate the farming process. Keep on reading to find out how to build and operate one, and some additional tips and tricks for the Water Sprinkler in Raft.

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How to Build Sprinker in Raft

To craft the Water Sprinkler in Raft, you will need the following resources:

  • Plastic x12
  • Circuit Board x1
  • Bolts x2
  • Scraps x2

How Does Sprinkler Work in Raft?

Once you place your Sprinkler – ideally near some plants that you want to water automatically – you will need a battery attached in order to turn it on. Next, fill the Sprinkler with fresh water. If you want to automate that process as well and eliminate the need to go and get water every time it is depleted, it is possible to connect the Sprinkler to an Electric Purifier so that it will always have a source of fresh water for spraying.

What is the Sprinkler’s Range?

The Sprinkler covers an area of 3×3 but cannot spray water behind or from the sides – the water only goes directly in front so keep that in mind when setting it up. That is why it is not wise to place it in the middle of your field that you want to water; placing it on the side so it faces the crops would be an ideal setup. With just one filling of water, the device can water crops 30 times, making it a very effective tool for automatic agriculture in Raft.

Now that you know how to make and use a Sprinker, it’s time to automate the farming process to free up more time for your other Raft adventures.

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