The new titles of Pokemon Sword and Shield are now available for trainers from around the world to enjoy. One of the most critical aspects players must take into account when embarking on their new adventures are the weaknesses and strengths of the types of their characters and the creatures that they will face off against in battles. Fortunately, we have the weaknesses and strengths for all of the character types in the new entries covered for you.  

Pokemon Sword and Shield Types Weaknesses and Strengths

There are a total of 18 different types that characters can be in the new games. Each of these types has specific weaknesses and strengths associated with other types. Players need to know of these weaknesses and strengths, as it will allow them to make sure they always have the right member of their team on the field no matter what types their enemies have on their sides. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield Types Weaknesses and Strengths

You can find the weaknesses and strengths of the types in the latest titles for the legendary franchise below:


  • Weak - Electric and Grass
  • Strong - Fire, Ground, and Rock


  • Weak - Fighting, Fire, Ground
  • Strong - Fairy, Ice, and Rock


  • Weak - Bug, Dark, and Ghost
  • Strong - Fighting and Poison


  • Weak - Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, and Water
  • Strong - Bug, Flying, Fire, and Ice


  • Weak - Fighting, Fire, Rock, and Steel
  • Strong - Dragon, Flying, Grass, and Ground


  • Weak - Fighting
  • Strong - Any Type


  • Weak - Ground and Psychic
  • Strong - Fairy and Grass


  • Weak - Dark and Ghost
  • Strong - Ghost Psychic



  • Weak - Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, and Poison
  • Strong - Ground, Rock, and Water



  • Weak - Grass, Ice, and Water
  • Strong - Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, and Steel


  • Weak - Fairy, Flying, and Psychic
  • Strong -  Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, and Steel


  • Weak - Ground, Rock, and Water
  • Strong - Bug, Grass, Ice, and Steel


  • Weak - Electric, Ice, and Rock
  • Strong - Bug, Fighting, and Grass


  • Weak - Fire, Flying, and Rock
  • Strong - Grass, Psychic, and Dark



  • Weak - Bug, Fairy, Fighting
  • Strong - Ghost and Psychic



  • Weak - Dargon, Fairy, and Ice
  • Strong - Dragon


  • Weak - Poison and Steel
  • Strong - Dragon, Dark, and Fighting


  • Weak - Ground
  • Strong - Water and Flying

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