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Pokemon GO: How to Turn Adventure Sync On or Off

Well, that was easy.

by Jesse Vitelli

Pokemon Go has a lot of different features for players to take advantage of. One of those features available to players level five and above is known as Adventure Sync. This feature allows you to record your kilometers traveled even when the Pokemon Go app is not open. If you’re someone who doesn’t want the app tracking your steps and draining your cellphone battery, how do you turn it off? Well, we have the answer to this question down below.

Pokemon GO: How to Turn Adventure Sync On or Off

If you want to use Adventure Sync after hitting level five in Pokemon Go, all you need to do is the following steps listed below to ensure that your application is recording your kilometers walked while the app isn’t open.

  • Click on the main menu button.
  • Click the settings cog wheel.
  • Click the “Adventure Sync” option.
  • Give Pokemon Go permission to access your Health or Google Fit Data.
  • Click accept.

You will now be able to use Adventure Sync, and your phone will constantly track your progress even when the Pokemon Go App is closed.

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If you want to turn off the feature, just go back into the settings and click the Adventure Sync button again to disable it. Now you will have turned off Adventure Sync, and your phone will no longer track your steps through the Leath or Google Fit application.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to turn on or off the Adventure Sync feature in Pokemon Go. For more tips, tricks, and guides, stay right here. Check out all of the weaknesses, counters, and move-sets for Mega Blastoise in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go is available on mobile through the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

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