Palia Weekly Wants For All Villagers – Listed

How to be a good neighbor, the most effective way

Palia Weekly Wants For All Villagers - Listed

In the MMO life-simulator Palia, which is currently in beta on PC, it’s essential to be a good neighbor. To level up your friendship level with other NPC villagers, gifts are always a good idea. You can give them standard gifts quite often, but when you bring them items that they need once a week – that’s where real friendships are made.

Palia Weekly Wants For All Villagers (For Week August 21-27)

All eligible villagers in Palia have four “Weekly Wants” items, of which two are the ones they “like” and two that they “love.” Each of the listed villagers will have four Weekly Wants items, but you can only gift them one each week – so if possible, always go for the items they love for maximum friendship boost! The trick is to find out what those loved items are before the week is out. Weekly Wants items vary weekly and are reset every Monday (12 AM EST).

You can ask villagers once a day what their current Weekly Wants items are, but their answers often won’t be that useful because they will reveal only one of four items or sometimes even reveal Weekly Wants not for themselves but for other villagers. To find all four of the villagers’ Weekly Wants, you must have at least Level 4 Friendship with each of them.

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To save you time playing the guessing game, we have collected and compiled a complete Weekly Wants list for all villagers in Palia. On the list below, you can see all the Weekly Wants items for this week (August 21 – August 27).

Ashura Weekly Wants:

  • Sweet Leaf
  • Acorn
  • Flow-Infused Plank (loves)
  • Trout Dinner (loves)

Auni Weekly Wants:

  • Unopened Oyster
  • Garden Mantis
  • Stripeshell Snail (loves)
  • Apple Pie (loves)

Badruu Weekly Wants

  • Carrot
  • WeedBlock Fertilizer
  • Loaded Potato Soup (loves)
  • Azure Stonehopper (loves)

Caleri Weekly Wants:

  • Sundrop Lily
  • Glass Bulb
  • Blueberry Jam (loves)
  • Dari Cloves (loves)

Chayne Weekly Wants:

  • Carrot Seed
  • Apple Jam
  • Heat Root (loves)
  • Palian Onion Soup (loves)

Delaila Weekly Wants:

  • Rainbow Trout
  • QualityUp Fertilizer
  • Blueberries (loves)
  • Giant Goldfish (loves)

Einar Weekly Wants:

  • Bahari Crab
  • Spineshell Crab
  • Fathead Minnow (loves)
  • Stormray (loves)

Elouisa Weekly Wants:

  • Unopened Oyster
  • Proudhorn Stag Beetle
  • Scarlet Koi (loves)
  • Cloudfish (loves)

Eshe Weekly Wants:

  • Grilled Oyster
  • Samara
  • Silver Bar (loves)
  • Akwinduu Chapaa (loves)

Hassian Weekly Wants:

  • Plant Fiber
  • Brightshroom
  • Azure Chapaa Tail (loves)
  • Dispel Arrow (loves)

Hekla Weekly Wants:

  • Grilled Mushroom
  • Brightshroom
  • Black Sea Bass (loves)
  • Enchanted Pupfish (loves)

Hodari Weekly Wants:

  • Paper Lantern Bug
  • Elder Sernuk Antlers
  • Proudhorned Sernuk Antlers (loves)
  • Steak Dinner (loves)

Jel Weekly Wants:

  • Umbran Carp
  • Freshwater Eel
  • Pearl (loves)
  • Green Pearl (loves)

Jina Weekly Wants:

  • Flint
  • Cotton Seed
  • Radiant Sunfish (loves)
  • Cream of Mushroom Soup (loves)

Kenli Weekly Wants:

  • Grilled Oyster
  • Striped Chapaa Tail
  • Steak Dinner (loves)
  • Meaty Stir Fry (loves)

Kenyatta Weekly Wants:

  • Wild Garlic
  • Elder Sernuk Antlers
  • Brighteye Butterfly (loves)
  • Crimson Fangtooth (loves)

Nai’o Weekly Wants:

  • Stone Brick
  • QualityUp Fertilizer
  • Stalking Catfish (loves)
  • Steak Dinner (loves)

Najuma Weekly Wants:

  • Knapweed
  • Copper Bar
  • Iron Ore (loves)
  • Silver Bar (loves)

Reth Weekly Wants:

  • Yellow Perch
  • Creamy Carrot Soup
  • Cream of Tomato Soup (loves)
  • Dari Cloves (loves)

Sifuu Weekly Wants:

  • Stone Brick
  • Elder Sernuk Antlers
  • Silver Ore (loves)
  • Fireworks Arrow (loves)

Tamala Weekly Wants:

  • Kilima Night Moth
  • Garden Millipede
  • Shimmerfin (loves)
  • Long-Nosed Unicorn Fish (loves)

Tish Weekly Wants:

  • Shell
  • Heartwood Plank
  • Silk Thread (loves)
  • Blueberry Pie (loves)

Zeki Weekly Wants:

  • Unopened Oyster
  • Fish Stew
  • Fried Catfish Dinner (loves)
  • Dari Cloves (loves)

That would be all the Weekly Wants items for this week! Bookmark this page because we will update it next week when these items change. Have fun boosting your friendship levels and being a good neighbor in Palia!

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