Palia Where to Find Heartdrop Lily

Palia: Where to Find Heartdrop Lily

The flower that makes the hearts drop

In Palia, the fun new MMO life-simulator that some call an illegitimate child of World of Warcraft and Animal Crossing, you can engage in many activities, such as arranging your farm and house, fishing, preparing food… and did I forget to mention romancing other villagers? So, how do you romance all those attractive NPCs? Well, there is no better way than giving them gifts, of course!

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The nicest present is typically some flowers, but in Palia, it is not just any flower – you need to give them a Heartdrop Lily, which, as the name suggests, will win the heart of your loved one and level up your relationship. However, locating this flower won’t be easy, so let’s see where we might find Heartdrop Liliy in the realm of Palia.

Where to Find Heartdrop Lily in Palia

Heartdrop Lily is not an ordinary flower that you will easily find just by frolicking through some green environments, it is actually an item of Epic rarity. To find it you need to go to the cliffs in the Statue Garden on the Bahari Bay map. It spawns during Day and Night time, and you will easily recognize it by its bright red color.

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If your search doesn’t go well, you can also buy a Heartdrop Lily in the Foraging Guild Store for 20 Foraging Medals, and this rare flower can also be won as a reward for completing the Fishing for Answers quest.

How to Use Heartdrop Lily in Palia

When you reach Friendship Level 3 with a villager, you can kick off the romancing storyline by giving them one Heartdrop Lily. If you are not in the mood for romance and have some Heartdrop Lilies on your hands, you can sell them for 40 Gold each.

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