Palia: How to Make Creamy Carrot Soup

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Palia How to Make Creamy Carrot Soup

We cannot say that there is a shortage of cozy farm/life simulator games, on the contrary, there are more of them than ever. So what can Palia offer players that many other cozy games don’t already have? Well, for starters, it’s an MMO! So you can get cozy with other players and do nothing but farm and well… live, together! Yay! It might not sound like much fun if you’re a fan of action games, but cozy games definitely have their own charm and Palia so far seems very fine!

So, like in most games of this type, there is cooking, and there are recipes so that you can use the stuff you farm and turn it into edible dishes! This time we’ll find out how to make Creamy Carrot Soup in Palia.

How to Craft Creamy Carrot Soup in Palia

In order to make Creamy Carrot Soup, you will need these two crafting stations: Standard Stove and Prep Station, and the ingredients listed below:

  • Carrot x1
  • Spice Sprouts x1
  • Milk x1
  • Wild Garlic x1

However, in order to be able to make this dish, you will first need to unlock the recipe. To get the Creamy Carrot Soup recipe in Palia, you need to complete the “Manners, Manners” quest.

How to Complete the “Manners Manners” Quest and Unlock Creamy Carrot Soup Recipe?

To kickstart this quest, give Caleri her weekly gift. After you get the quest, go and read “The Majiri’s Book of Etiquette and Manual of Politeness” which can be found on her desk. Once you read the book, talk with Calleri again, and when she asks you if you learned anything from the book, select – “To say please and thank you?”.

This will complete the quest and get you some rewards including the Libary Card in your mail. Next, go to the Libary and locate the shelf that is close to the window in the right part of the room. Read the book that is almost falling out and you will unlock the Creamy Carrot Soup recipe.

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Palia is a free-to-play cozy game that is open for anyone to play from August 10, 2023, as an Open Beta (you can sign up for the beta here). Right now it is available only on the PC and Nintendo Switch with other versions still not confirmed – but at least we’ve got that sweet cross-platform support.

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