How to Unlock the Glider in Palia

Not quite a bird or plane

How to Unlock the Glider in Palia

What better way to travel around Palia than to fly with a glider? Soaring off cliffsides and quickly reaching your destinations is satisfying, but first, you’ll have to get your hands on the right equipment. Unlike many other tools in the game, you’ll have to take a few extra steps to begin flying around, so I’m here to teach you everything you need to know about unlocking the glider in Palia.

Palia: How to Get the Glider

After finishing the main story’s tutorials, you’ll encounter the “Like a Bird” quest, asking you to gather resources to make the glider. After collecting Sapwood planks, fabric, and leather, you’ll return to Najuma and obtain the glider!

Below are the resources you’ll need to make the glider during the quest:

  • Sapwood Planks x3
  • Fabric x2
  • Leather x5

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How to Get Sapwood, Fabric, and Leather in Palia

Sapwood planks are obtainable using Sapwood in the sawmill after reaching level two foraging and buying the recipe from Ashura. Sapwood is the regular wood you get from basic trees, making it easy to gather early in the game.

Fabric and leather, on the other hand, require you to either purchase them from the furniture shop or reach level two furniture making and buy the fabric loom recipe from Tish. You’ll need a bunch of Sernuk Hide to make leather, while fabric requires cotton. Cotton is tough to find as you’ll have to buy seeds and grow the plants for five days, watering them each in-game day until they mature fully.

Once you have the necessary ingredients for the glider, head back to Bahari Bay and speak to Najuma to wrap up the Like a Bird quest and obtain your glider!

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