How to Solve the Ancient Battery Riddle in Palia

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How to Solve the Ancient Battery Riddle in Palia

As of now, in the story, you’ve just started your adventures in Palia and finished a brief tutorial on using your tools and crafting furniture. As you talk to Jina about how you materialized into the world, you’ll find a strange object that you can use at a waterfall cave to help you find more information about this situation. However, upon approaching it, you’ll spot a riddle blocking you from entering the ruins’ massive doors! To learn more, continue reading to find a complete guide on solving the Ancient Battery quest riddle in Palia.

Palia: How to Solve the Ancient Battery Riddle

The answer to the Ancient Battery quest riddle is water. In other words, use your watering can on the center pedestal to fill the bowl with water, opening up the door and allowing you to progress through the story mission.

Palia Ancient Battery Riddle Water Solution
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How do you reach this solution, exactly? When you interact with the large door, you’ll find an inscription saying the following:

“Knowledge grows the mind even in times of strife.
To enter here, you must supply that which grows life.”

What substance grows life, you may ask? That’d be water! We drink it and use it to water crops so they grow. Considering there’s rust at the bottom of the bowl, we can also safely assume that it’s come in contact with plenty of water over the years.

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Once you pour water into the bowl and open the doors, you’ll reach a large cavern that, although it isn’t too important right now, will be a notable location later in the story. In the meantime, chat with Jina to get one step closer to progressing in Palia’s storyline!

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