Palia: How to Get Sweet Leaf

Legalize sweet leaf!

Palia How to Get Sweet Leaf

Palia is a new cozy life simulator MMO currently in beta on PC, with the final version as well as a Switch release expected during the Holiday season of 2023. Even though the game is not finished yet, many players are enjoying the world of Palia these days, spending their time building relationships with the NPCs, fishing, collecting items, crafting things, and of course, cooking!

I mean, what kind of life-sim would it be without cooking mechanics and numerous recipes? If you have decided to make something sweet, you will definitely need this ingredient, so let’s find out how to get Sweet Leaf in Palia.

Where to Find Sweet Leaf in Palia

In the world of Palia Sweet Leaf is not what you think it is! It is a green weed-like plant indeed but it is actually a spice item that is used in cooking, most often as an ingredient for making desserts. The official description says that “those with a sweet tooth will love this Sweet Leaf, one of Palia’s favorite dessert ingredients.”

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Sweet Leaf can be found and picked up during the Day or Night time in the grassy environments of the following locations in Bahari Bay:

  • Statue Garden
  • Thorny Thicket
  • The Outskirts
  • Proudhorn Pass
  • Floodsteps
  • Ancient Aquaduct

What is Sweet Leaf Used For in Palia?

Sweet Leaf is used in Palia as an ingredient for some sweet and other dishes, as a material for a few useful items, or it can be sold. You will need Sweet Leaf for making the following food recipes:

  • Apple Pie
  • Blueberry Pie
  • Celebration Cake
  • Fish Stew
  • Fried Catfish Dinner
  • Hearty Vegetable Soup
  • Macaron
  • Trout Dinner

Aside from those dishes, for now, Sweet Leaf is used for crafting Sticky Smoke Bombs (An anti-insect weapon that causes bugs to slow down) and Homestead Tree Planter (Furniture item).

And if you don’t need it, you can sell each Sweet Leaf for 15 Gold (regular price) or 22 Gold (quality), at least for now you can’t smoke it – because it is actually Stevia!

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