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Palia has been making waves as one of the new cozy sim RPGs for players to make friends and do relaxing tasks. However, relaxation doesn’t mean you can’t challenge yourself. Enter the Shimmerfin, one of the rare types of fish in Palia that has proved more elusive than its counterparts. However, with proper preparation and a little bit of luck, your chances of catching a Shimmerfin will increase.

Catching a Shimmerfin in Palia

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In order to catch a Shimmerfin, you need to visit Fisherman’s Lagoon in Kilima Village with your fishing rod of choice and worm as bait. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to get prepared for this short fishing trip. Fisherman’s Lagoon is located to the right of the Mayor’s Estate towards the south of the Kilima Village map.

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Getting a worm is fairly simple as well. If you’ve got the coin to spare, you can purchase worms at Zeki’s General Store for 10 coins. If you want to get your hands dirty and farm some worms for yourself, craft a Worm Farm once you receive the recipe. Shimmerfin can be caught at any time of the day, so once you’re ready, feel free to start fishing. However, be prepared to throw out more than one reel. The Shimmerfin fish is considered a rare type in Palia, so patience may be needed to ensure you get the catch. The wait will be worth it because if you don’t want to cook it, you can sell a basic one for 130 gold and a quality one for 195 gold.

If you’re looking to catch Shimmerfin but feeling rusty about your fishing game, refresh yourself with the basics of the fishing minigame. If you’re set on fishing but want to become self-sufficient when procuring worms, here are the details on how to craft a worm farm.

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