Palia: How to Catch Barracuda

You ready for some night fishing?

Similar to real life, fishing is one of the most tranquil activities Palia has to offer, but that doesn’t mean every fish is easy to find and catch. That’s what players are finding to be the case with the Barracuda fish, one of the uncommon types of fish in-game. Luckily, catching this fish becomes much easier once you know where to find it, as well as what time it appears.

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When and Where to Catch Barracuda in Palia

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Barracuda can be found off the coast of Bahari Bay. Since they are a nocturnal breed of fish, they only appear in the evening and night in Palia. The time of day can be easily checked by looking at the top right corner of your HUD or looking at the sky in-game. Getting to Bahari Bay is also simple, as players can visit the area early in-game by heading east on the Kilima Valley map. Once you enter the new area, you can follow the road you start on down to the beach.

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Fortunately, Barracuda fish don’t require specific bait to be lured in, so as long as you have your fishing rod (which can be upgraded for an easier catch) and can beat the fishing minigame, you’ll be able to catch the fish. However, it might become a game of patience until you reel in a Barracuda. Remember that this fish is still an uncommon type, so you may need to throw a couple of reels before getting lucky. Once you’ve caught one, feel free to cook it or sell it. A base Barracuda can go for 50 coins and a value Barracuda can go for 75 coins.

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