Palia How to Make a Worm Farm

Palia: How to Make a Worm Farm

How to turn food into worms and fertilizer, the easy way.

Like any good farm/life-sim, or any RPG for that matter, there is fishing in Palia. So if you want to just chill and go fishing or catch some fish for making food later, you will need bait. There are two types of baits in the game right now; Worms and Glow Worms, and there are several ways to get them. But the best one would be creating a Worm Farm. So, let’s find out how to craft a Worm Farm in Palia.

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How to Craft a Worm Farm in Palia

First, you need to level up your Fishing up to Level 4, then you can go to Elnar and buy Worm Farm recipe for 500 Gold. Go to your Worktable and there you will be able to craft a Worm Farm, you will need the following materials:

  • Sapwood Planks x12
  • Stone Brick x8
  • Copper Bar x4
  • Leather x8

When you set up a Worm Farm, it will function like other “Crafter” stations in the game. To use Worm Farm just put any food items in it, and you will get some Worms as well as the Fertilizer.

Depending on the food item you put in the Worm Farm, you will get a different number of Worms and HarvestBoost Fertilizer as an output. Processing time is 60 minutes, and that is a real-life hour, not an in-game time.

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How to Craft a Glow Worm Farm in Palia

To obtain higher-quality fertilizer and acquire glow worms, it is necessary to construct a Glow Worm Farm, which is an enhanced version of the Worm Farm. For this recipe to become available with Elnar, you will need to level up your Fishing to Level 7. Once you get it, craft it with the following materials:

  • Flow-infused Plank x12
  • Stone Brick x8
  • Iron Bar x4
  • Leather x8

The Glow Worm Farm functions the same way as the regular one, you put food items in and get Glow Worms and SpeedyGro Fertilizer or HarvestBoost Fertilizer. The cooldown is 60 minutes as well.

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