Palia: How to Catch Inky Dragonfly

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Bug catching is one of the more active ventures in Palia. It asks players to trade in nets for smoke bombs and venture into the world to find Palia’s odd critters. However, some bugs are trickier to snatch than others. One of those tricksters is the Inky Dragonfly, which has proven more elusive than its counterparts for players. Luckily, this winged escape artist becomes easier to catch with the proper knowledge and preparations.

Catching the Inky Dragonfly in Palia

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To catch the Inky Dragonfly, you need to progress through Palia’s story quests until Auni gives you a Belt to hold smoke bombs, after which you can travel to Bahari Bay to find Inky Dragonflies. The Inky Dragonfly appears at all times of the day, so you can begin your hunt as soon as you’re ready.

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Bahari Bay is also easy to reach. Players have access to it in the earliest stages of the game, as the entrance for the area lies to the east of the Kilima Village map. Once you’re at Bahari Bay, the Inky Dragonfly is more likely to appear around rivers and ponds, so focus your search on those areas.

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Additionally, the Inky Dragonfly is a bit more cautious and quicker than other insects, so it’s recommended players take their time with their approach and wait for a moment until the Inky Dragonfly has slowed its movements. If you want to make the catch easier and aren’t in a rush to catch one, you can upgrade your belt beforehand. A better belt will increase the chances of a successful capture. Lastly, be ready to spend some time looking for one, as they are an uncommon type of insect in Palia. It’ll be worth the wait, as not only is the dragonfly needed for certain quests but also it goes for 49 gold if you choose to sell it. It can even be sold for 73 gold if you catch a quality one.

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