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New Marvel Snap Card – Echo – Showcase, Decks, Counters, Synergies

Talks about this card might be echoing for a while.

When I checked out Echo’s effect in Marvel Snap, I was completely euphoric. I immediately saw a card that promotes smart counterplays and couldn’t wait for Echo to come out since I’m eager to see the chaos that will ensue once sufficient players get their hands on Echo. Here at Prima Games, I’ve prepared a showcase of Echo where you will learn about the card, synergies, and counters. I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I enjoyed writing this article.

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What Does Echo Do in Marvel Snap?

Echo will be released in July 2023.

Echo is a 1-Cost 2-Power card with the following effect:

After your opponent plays an Ongoing card here, remove its abilities.

You already can see that Echo is an anti-meta or control card. It’s a really good 1-Drop that will certainly contest deck slots with the likes of Sunspot, Nebula, Spider-Ham, and a few others. It is a great way to start off a match and let your opponent know that Ongoing decks ain’t gonna work there.

How Good is Echo in Marvel Snap?

I would say that Echo is pretty darn good! I did mention that Echo will work well on Turn 1, to “possess” the lane. But, there’s also a surprise factor attached to Echo, if you manage to play it “under” something much bigger. The counter-play resembles the common usage of Cosmo, Shang-Chi, and Negasonic. It’s going to be a wild counter against Ongoing decks.

If you ask me about which decks you should put Echo in… Well, you can use it anywhere. It does not impact your own Ongoing cards, as the card text says (which is a balance issue – Second Dinner, you should have looked up Cosmo’s and Negasonic’s functionality).

But, how do you counter Echo? Well… Elektra and Killmonger are a thing. This should then encourage you to hold on to your Echo until you are certain that an Ongoing card that is important will drop (and of course, you should make sure that you are revealing first).

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Should I Buy Echo in Marvel Snap? Is it Worth Buying?

I am saving my Tokens for Echo. Period. I see no reason to not buy Echo. Even if they nerf Echo based on my opinion (which I am sure most players share) it is STILL going to be good. Then… they might increase her cost? Decrease her power? Or… Have Echo remove only one Ongoing effect?

Who knows. At any rate, very exciting times are ahead of us. I hope you enjoyed this card review, and I invite you to browse Prima’s Marvel Snap content such as New Marvel Snap Locations – July 2023 Developer Update and New Marvel Snap Card Datamine – August 2023 – Daken, Lady Deathstrike, Silver Samurai, X-23 at our game tag below.

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