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New Marvel Snap Card – Negasonic Teenage-Warhead – Showcase, Decks, Counters, Synergies

NTW abbreviated.

by Nikola L

Along with the new Patch Notes, we have received a new Card in Marvel Snap. It’s Negasonic Teenage-Warhead and Prima Games is reporting to our readers with a Showcase of the card effect, potential Decks you can play it in, possible counters, and synergies it has with other cards. Enjoy!

What is the Effect of Negasonic Teenage-Warhead in Marvel Snap?

Negasonic Teenage-Warhead is a 3-Cost card with 2 Power and a pretty short, but devastating effect:

After ANY card is played here, destroy this card AND that card.

This card, in my opinion, is an immediate choice for early-game aggressor decks which will almost always play their cards first. This card won’t be available to every player out there at first, but gradually, you will get to see more and more of it, so it’s better to be prepared.

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Which Decks are Good with Negasonic Teenage-Warhead in Marvel Snap?

Negasonic Teenage-Warhead will definitely be good in low-cost decks. When I get the card, I will certainly try it in a KaZoo deck or a Cerebro 2 deck. It’s a great tech card from what I can see.

Technically speaking, if you play Negasonic Teenage-Warhead on a Location where you just *know* your opponent has to play a card on Turn 4, 5, or 6, you probably traded up in value by eliminating the card. Killing off Knull after a Galactus play, killing off a big Red Skull or Taskmaster, killing off Thanos…

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Negasonic Teenage-Warhead Marvel Snap Deck Code 1 – Silver Surfer Variant

If you got your hands on a Silver Surfer this is definitely an option to explore, especially if you want to annoy the hell out of your opponents with a lot of disruptions.

Image via Marvel Snap Zone

Negasonic Teenage-Warhead Marvel Snap Deck Code 2 – Aero Sera Darkhawk Variant

I absolutely adore this deck as it is mostly a counter-play deck, which will annoy the hell out of your opponents. Imagine playing Aero and Negasonic Teenage Warhead on Turn 6 after you dropped Sera on Turn 5. Ultimate Troll!

Image via Marvel Snap Zone

How to Play Around Negasonic Teenage-Warhead in Marvel Snap?

Well, you either play Wasp for 0 Energy on Turn 6 when you should be most scared of Negasonic Teenage-Warhead, or some 1-Cost card you don’t care about along with a 5-Drop.

Or you play the cards suboptimally where you are not supposed to, just to dodge that pesky effect.

Or play Armor / Professor X and seal the deal, do not let anything get destroyed. Or even better, play Nimrod or Wolverine so that the card gets destroyed on purpose, to your huge benefit.

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