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Best Cerebro Decks in Marvel Snap – With Deck Code

You are probably wondering why Kang is the Feature Image for this article...

by Nikola L

Cerebro is indeed a very peculiar card in Marvel Snap, not liked by many players, but investigated by many who lose a game they thought they had won before the final turn played out. Naturally, we expect that many of you are reading this article because you lost to Cerebro “on the bubble” and you want a piece of that action too. Prima Games has you covered for many different Cerebro deck variants that have been invented over the course of time, including Cerebro 3, Cerebro 2, Cerebro 1, and Cerebro 0.

Cerebro 3 Deck Code for Marvel Snap

We have covered the Cerebro 3 variant in our Bast article where you will find instructions and a deck code:

Screenshot by Prima Games

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Cerebro 2 Deck Code for Marvel Snap

Cerebro 2 Deck is based on 2-Power cards. It is a low-cost aggro deck with some elements of control. It’s genuinely a decent deck to play.

Image via MarvelSnapZone

Fairly straightforward deck as you can see… Replacements are:

  • Yondu (chipping away an important combo piece is good, but feeding Knull is also bad)
  • Mantis (just to steal something from their deck in order to deny them from playing it)
  • Uatu (if you really do not have anything else to put in)
  • Wong (double-up on Iceman, Korg, Mister Sinister, and Scorpion effects for example)
  • Yellowjacket (exclusively if you can play it on an empty location)
  • Beast (good to repeat some effects… however, we have a more suitable deck for him)

Mystique can replicate Iron Man and Cerebro in this deck, which is a lot of important flexibility. You also possess the mechanics to derail the opponent, such as Korg, Scorpion, Iceman, and Goose.


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Cerebro 1 Deck Code for Marvel Snap

Cerebro 1 is also a legitimate thing in Marvel Snap. However, Hazmat got buffed and she no longer has 1 Power, which derails the old concept of this deck.

Hazmat’s place is now occupied by Adam Warlock. It’s a difficult deck to run, most people consider it a meme, but it is what it is. The 1-Power card list is very short, so you literally have to make do with what’s available here. Don’t expect this to drag you to Infinite Rank.


Cerebro 0 Deck Code for Marvel Snap

We are going into dangerous meme waters here, ladies and gentlemen. We will even implement Kang in this deck.

Image via MarvelSnapZone

No replacement. If you do not have any of these cards, put some junk that you don’t want to even play in order to not disrupt the flow of the deck. The deck disrupts itself easily. Moon Knight can discard a card and add power to Morbius. You need to play Angela last on a location. But, all in all, this is just a meme deck. Treat it as such.

Anyway, that’s about it. Check out our Marvel Snap tag right under this article for more Marvel Snap content, here at Prima Games.

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