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Best Bast Deck in Marvel Snap – With Deck Code

Let's make a Bast deck Best, and not Bust.

by Nikola L

Bast is quite an unorthodox card that is hated by a lot of players who get it randomly during their Marvel Snap matches because it can derail the Power of many strong cards that they have in their hands already. Personally, when I opened Bast, I rolled my eyes because that’s one of the few cards that I didn’t really want from Pool (Series) 4. (Bigger facepalm would be only Orka and M’Baku, though). As time passed, I explored the option of actually building a Bast deck and taking it for a spin.

Here is a decklist for Bast deck with a deck code for Marvel Snap. Check out if it’s Best, or a Bust.

How to Play a Bast Deck in Marvel Snap

The Bast deck is basically a low-cost aggro deck with the catch of Bast being the “corrector” of Power values. You usually do not drop Bast on turn 1 (1-1 is really, really bad) unless you have a full hand of 0 Power cards, which gives some actual value to Bast. Example: Having Adam Warlock, Mystique, and Angela in hand would make them all 3-Power, which essentially makes Bast a 1-Cost 10-Power card. You can also save Bast for Turn 4 or 5, to boost your hand before the final blow. Bast is relatively unknown to most players so they won’t be able to exactly predict what your game plan is. You will just need some practice with it, and to know your limits when snapping and retreating.

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Another way to use Bast is to “correct” the Power values in your hand if you are running it in a Cerebro 3 deck. Why? Because you may get struck by a Scorpion that offsets your hand by -1 Power, or by a Location that gives you Power for your cards in hand. If you do not have Bast at that point, you might as well concede immediately.

Bast Decklists for Marvel Snap With Deck Codes

Here are a couple of variants that you can try out. We hope you’ll enjoy them, and find something cool for yourself.

Cerebro 3 Bast Deck in Marvel Snap With Code

Screenshot by Prima Games

This is a catch-all Cerebro 3 variant. Bast greatly helps with Adam Warlock, Cerebro, and Mystique (along with any random yield that you can get from Locations or enemy cards (Hi there, Master Mold!). One thing I regret is not putting in Spider-Man. He has so many uses, including with Absorbing Man. You can tweak it by adding Cosmo because On Reveal stuff is highly rampant now.

# (1) Bast - If you don't have it you can't really make Bast Bro deck! 
# (2) Adam Warlock - Why not try and draw cards? This deck slams its hand rather fast on the board
# (2) Armor - Destroy decks will always be meta
# (2) Baron Mordo - Have them never play a cheap card, derail their combo
# (2) Scarlet Witch - Flip an awkward location
# (3) Cerebro - Boost all of your stuff by +2
# (3) Mystique - Boost all of your stuff by additional +2. Make sure to play it directly after Cerebro, that's all that matters literally.
# (3) Rhino - Slam Dunk on a bad location
# (4) Absorbing Man - Repeat effect of Bast, Baron Mordo, Scarlet Witch, Rhino, Leech, Shang-Chi, Leech, Magik...
# (4) Shang-Chi - Crap on a high-power card
# (5) Leech - Crap on the opponent's hand
# (5) Magik - Extend your opponent's pain and suffering and give yourself more time to empty your hand.
# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and paste it from the deck editing menu in Snap.

Wakanda Forever Bast Deck in Marvel Snap With Code

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If you are a movie fan, try out this deck:

Image via MarvelSnapZone

The Hood works wonders with Bast, giving the card insane value. However, there are limited appliances to Bast here (The Hood, M’Baku, Angela, Okoye, Ironheart, Nakia, Wong, and Arnim Zola). The theme is cool all in all. It probably won’t get you to the Infinite Rank, but you will certainly enjoy mixing up different combos to boost your power. Armor would be a cool replacement for M’Baku, or even better if you have Shuri, put Shuri in. Reminder: Black Panther gets further duplication of his Attack Power when cloned by Arnim Zola. So, if you pump up his attack with Okoye and Nakia before playing, you’re bound to have some fun. Taskmaster will also be very glad to pick up the spoils of that effort on Turn 6. Also, if you have Wong and Black Panther in one Location, do not be afraid to gamble with Arnim Zola because in the best case scenario you will have a 30+ Power Black Panther in two Locations.


Valkyrie Patriot Bast Deck in Marvel Snap With Code

Image via MarvelSnapZone

Valkyrie is a very underrated card and can derail a lot of Turn 5 / Turn 6 combos by just outright ruining a high-power card such as Red Skull. The deck has so much synergy on various levels and you will certainly have fun learning it and then piloting it to victory. It serves as an anti-meta deck of some sort. You can take out Mysterio for Cosmo, and Super Skrull for Ka-Zar. Cerebro wouldn’t be very welcome here, it would be such a big problem to make everything work because one high-power card derails everything.

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Image via MarvelSnapZone

Bast can lift up The Hood, Deadpool, Wolverine and Venom, which is quite enough of targets to get you a head start. The idea of the deck is to keep destroying Deadpool, and seal the game off with Taskmaster who will copy its Power.

America Chavez is a debatable choice here. I like it in this deck because her deck thins and allows you a slightly bigger chance of drawing your combo pieces. Forge is a good friend of Deadpool and Wolverine, because it furthers their deck.

If I had to make changes, I would go for Arnim Zola (works sick with Venom and once in a century when you can play it in earlier turns on Deadpool, which makes a good Deadpool infestation) and Death (because you would destroy stuff a lot).

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