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How to See Discarded, Destroyed, and Remaining Deck Cards in Marvel Snap Matches

No need for pen and paper anymore #ecology

by Nikola L

When you are playing a combo deck, it’s especially vital to know what cards you have in your deck (because of Jubilee, for example), which cards you and your opponent have discarded (because of Hela, Ghost Rider, and other cards), or which cards you and your opponent have destroyed (because of Death, Knull, etc…).

Marvel Snap does not offer this option in the game, however, the modding community has offered a solution for this (as always) and Prima Games is going to show you the benefits of this tracking tool.

Deck Tracker for Marvel Snap – See Which Cards Are Remaining in Your Deck in Marvel Snap

Before we proceed, it’s obligatory that we specify that this tool is not officially affiliated with Second Dinner and Marvel Snap. It’s a free tool that serves as a mod for Marvel Snap.

Related: Is there a Marvel Snap Collection and Statistics Tracker? – Answered is a tool that some of you already recognize from other online card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh!, Hearthstone, and Magic: the Gathering. You can download it from the above link.

How to See Your and Opponent’s Discarded and Destroyed Cards in Marvel Snap

Upon completing the download, you should create an account on for free and connect the account with the tool. When this is done, you can open Marvel Snap on your PC, and on the left side you will be able to see the deck you are currently running, discarded and destroyed cards, and the same for your opponent, but on the right side.

This tool should, naturally, help you play slightly better because you no longer need to focus that much on remembering and counting cards, and your only worries are planning your own plays and reading the opponent’s potential plays. It’s also cool if you are a streamer and want to help your viewers see the game state more clearly.

That’s it for this Marvel Snap guide, folks. Make sure to check out our Marvel Snap tag under this article for more Marvel Snap content, and see you soon on Prima Games!

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