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Is there a Marvel Snap Collection and Statistics Tracker? – Answered

Third party tools for the win!

by Nikola L

In the absence of tools made by the game developer, third-party mods try to step in to fill in the gap and help the end user by adding quality-of-life features. Marvel Snap’s built-in collection overview does not offer a lot of sorting and search features so, basically, the community has come up with their own solution to have a better overview of your collection and, of course, to track the statistics of your matches. This way, you can see how good your decks were doing in the past when it comes to the match win percentage and the net amount of cubes you have gained or lost.

Prima Games will show you how you can get this useful tool for Marvel Snap.

How to Check Your Match Statistics and Track your Collection in Marvel Snap?

Marvel Snap Tracker is available on the official download page 1 and the alternative, page 2. Please be advised that the tool is not officially affiliated with Second Dinner and Marvel Snap. This tool will allow you to check your match history, statistics, and collection progress.

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Additionally, you will also be able to look through separate Collection Series to see what you are lacking from every Series in your collection. When you download and run the tool on PC, you will need to run Marvel Snap too, so that the tool “catches” your Snap ID, after which you will need to create a Marvel Snap Zone account and log in, so that you can confirm the linking. After the linking is done, the tool will start collecting and processing your game data, which you will later be able to see on the website.

Here’s an official YouTube Tutorial for Marvel Snap Zone’s Tracker.

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