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Marvel Snap DeathWave Deck Code With Tutorial

No, this is not a Death Metal Synthwave crossover.

Marvel Snap truly has an extensive card database which slowly keeps growing over time. Marvel has a seemingly endless amount of unique characters and it seems like all of them will find their place in this game sooner or later (if not already).
DeathWave Deck is a synergetic combo (abuse) of Death and Wave, and Prima Games has a short yet elaborate guide on this deck ready for you below.

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How Does DeathWave Combo Work in Marvel Snap?

Death is a 12-Power card which has the effect to reduce its cost by 1 for each card that got destroyed in this match on both sides of the field.
Wave is a 3-Cost Pool 3 card with 3 Power that says “On Reveal: Next turn, cards in both players’ hands cost 4.”

The combo is enabled (or set up, if you will) by destroying cards with the likes of Killmonger, Carnage, and Deathlok. Usually, on Turn 5, you would play Wave. Wave then sets all of the card costs to 4 for everyone in the match.
This means that in normal conditions, both you and your opponent would be able to play only one card for 4 Energy on Turn 6, and waste 2 Energy (unless there’s a Sunspot that would be able to soak up the Energy).

However, no, we’re not gonna do that, because you’ve destroyed at least 4 cards this match, Death’s cost will drop from 4 to 0.
For the remainder of Energy, you can play another big card, whether it’s a 6-Drop or Arnim Zola, which should be played with the idea of multiplying your Death on two other locations (make sure to play Death on an empty location if you want this to happen.

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Deck Code for DeathWave Combo Deck in Marvel Snap

We have an example decklist ready in form of a code that you can paste in your game:

(1) Angel (1) Yondu (2) Black Widow (2) Bucky Barnes (2) Carnage (3) Killmonger (3) Wave (3) Deathlok (4) Moon Girl (6) Arnim Zola (6) Odin (6) Death

If you do not have some of the cards, try filling the deck with Nova, America Chavez, Iceman, Giganto, and even Hulk and Wolverine, Mantis, or Cable. You can also put in the Scarlet Witch to remove some Locations that are problematic to you.

Update, February 2023: Knull is now a thing. You can basically add Venom and Knull in this deck and take out Odin and Angel for example. If you manage to split Knull with Arnim Zola, the new copies of Knull will take into account the first Knull’s Power.

How to Play DeathWave Deck in Marvel Snap

Well, the answer to this question is fairly easy in hindsight, however you will need some practice. The low-cost cards are there to get the game going, as you are supposed to set up board kills for Carnage and Deathlok, and to try and clear the board from those pesky 1-Drops with Killmonger. Yondu, Black Widow, and Iceman are there to grief/harass/disrupt the enemy’s rhythm. Moon Girl can provide you with an additional copy of an important card and seal your victory.

In the late game, you are to abuse the hell out of Wave with a couple of combos.

DeathWave Example Combo 1 in Marvel Snap

Turn 5: Wave
Turn 6: Death on an empty location + Arnim Zola to copy it

DeathWave Example Combo 2 in Marvel Snap

Turn 4: Wave
Turn 5: Odin (to repeat the effect)
Turn 6: See above

When repeating On Reveal effects, try not to Carnage or Deathlok yourself.
Repeating annoying effects such as Black Widow, Yondu, Iceman is, however, much desirable.

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