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Best Beast Deck in Marvel Snap With Tutorial

Beast is truly cool.

by Nikola L

Beast is quite a peculiar character in Marvel Snap and his effect seems like an inconvenience at first, but actually can be utilized for your own benefit. Bouncing stuff back and playing it again for less Energy, allowing yourself to re-trigger your On Reveal effects and re-arrange the board a bit. The Beast costs 2 Energy, has 2 Power, and this is the card effect text:
On Reveal: Return your other cards at this location to your hand. They cost 1 less.

What’s that? You can play 1-Cost cards for free with this thing?

Beast Deck Code for Marvel Snap

There are many different ways you can play a Beast Deck but it mostly revolves around bouncing those above-mentioned 1-Cost cards. Here is an example deck:

Falcon is a very important part of the deck as well. He has one more Power compared to Beast, the same Energy cost, but it returns every 1-Cost card on your side of the board to your hand. The “catch” is that Falcon is not reducing their Energy cost.

Screenshot by Prima Games (from

If you want, you can play Okoye instead of a card you don’t like. Instead of Korg, you can try running a Scarlet Witch on days where Featured Location is bad for you (or play a different deck until it passes). Important notes about this deck:

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  • Collector gains Power after you bounce cards with Beast or Falcon.
  • People get upset when you use Iceman too many times. It truly can break their Energy Curve.
  • Watch what you’re discarding with Yondu. If you cut off their key card, Snap and send as many toxic emotes as possible.
  • Make sure never to forget the differences between Angela and Bishop. Angela only takes buffs from her Location, whereas Bishop takes buffs from everywhere.
  • Beware of Killmonger!
  • Rocket Raccoon keeps his buff when bounced!

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