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How to Find Out if Your Opponent is Playing Thanos or Agatha in Marvel Snap

Read your opponents with these easy steps!

by Nikola L

Getting information about your opponent’s strategies is always something you should try to do when playing card games. With people progressing their collections a lot, some very powerful (and weird) cards are emerging in people’s decks.
Prima Games will let you know how to instantly recognize if Thanos or Agatha are in your foe’s deck at the start of the game so that you can adjust your strategy, even before those cards are revealed.
Make sure to do this when your Marvel Snap match starts.

Do This At The Start of Every Marvel Snap Match

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As soon as you get into a match, you should tap your Opponent’s profile picture in the top-right corner. When you do this, you get some general (public) information about the match. The thing we are looking for is the “Deck: “.

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The default number for a normal deck is 8, because you are starting with 4 cards in your hand on Turn 1, technically speaking.

Agatha Harkness Decks start with 7 cards because 4 are the regular draw part and 1 is Agatha. No, Quicksilver doesn’t do this. We have tested it. Expect a lot of random and illogical plays, and watch out for an Agatha Harkness discard because in that case, your opponent is taking back the wheel of this madness truck. The same goes for Attilan Location which will shuffle her back in after Turn 3.

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The Inevitable Thanos is another thing. At the start of the game, he shuffles the Infinity Stones in the deck. This indicates that a Thanos deck will have 14 cards at the start. Even worse, if a player plays both Thanos and Agatha, the deck will have 13 cards.

We hope that this guide was helpful to you. Please make sure to check our Marvel Snap tag for the latest guides about this insane card game!

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