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Best Hela and Agatha Decks in Marvel Snap With Codes and Tutorial

Hela and Agatha go hand in hand in Marvel Snap

by Nikola L

Hela is a powerful card in Marvel Snap that allows you to bring back everything you have discarded from your hand during a game. Players hate when it comes too early in their hand (before Turn 6 *cough*), but it’s not the end for Hela, even if you discard her too early. Agatha, on the other hand, is an absolutely crazy card that I have been having fun with ever since I opened her from a cache that synergizes extremely well with Hela and the entire Discard mechanic. Prima Games will deliver many ideas that you can use to make your own deck with Hela and (maybe even) Agatha!

Example Agatha and Hela Decklist for Marvel Snap

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# (1) Sunspot
# (1) Quicksilver
# (1) Yondu
# (1) Blade
# (3) Moon Knight
# (3) Sword Master
# (4) Jubilee
# (4) Ghost Rider
# (5) Magik
# (6) Hela
# (6) Agatha Harkness
# (6) The Infinaut
# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and paste it from the deck editing menu in Snap.

Let’s break down the deck and explain our choices.

  • Sunspot
    Perfect 1-Drop for this deck because Agatha will often play suboptimally and leave unspent Energy
  • Quicksilver
    Deck-thinner, nothing else. Agatha also helps the deck thin.
  • Blade
    A lot of Power on it and discard mechanic so that you can try to get rid of Agatha from your hand. If you do, that’s basically a jackpot.
  • Moon Knight
    Why not discard the cards in the opponent’s hand as well?
  • Sword Master
    6-Power 3-Drop, which also has the goal of discarding Agatha.
  • Jubilee
    A card that you want to use to cheat out the likes of Hela, Ghost Rider, The Infinaut, and even Magik. Or a random discard card to try and get rid of Agatha.
  • Ghost Rider
    MVP in case you use him to get back Hela that you have discarded because Hela will activate her effect as well. It’s also great if you return the likes of Agatha or The Infinaut.
  • Magik
    Debatable choice, I admit. However, Agatha is notorious for playing herself on Turn 6, whatever the circumstances are. If you fail to get rid of Agatha by Turn 6 to do some fixing on the board on your own, Magik gives you a chance to do this on Turn 7. Or… You can drop Magik and play Wave, which will play Agatha for you on Turn 4!!!
  • Hela
    No specific introduction is needed; she’s one of two Queens of this deck.
  • Agatha Harkness
    She is the actual Queen; let’s not kid ourselves. If you have her in the Deck, she will 100% get the Boosters for herself at the end of the match. And yes, she will play herself when able, prioritizing that play over everything.
  • The Infinaut
    Cheat it out with Jubilee or discard it to return it later.

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General Tips and Combos to Surprise Your Opponent With Agatha Deck (How to Play a Discard Deck in Marvel Snap)

  • Keep a mental or written note of your decklist, what you still have in your deck, and what you have discarded. This deck is HEAVILY RNG-based, with a decent “expected outcome,” but if you don’t sleep on the information, you will win more matches than you usually would.
  • Do not be afraid to retreat and lose 1 point in Ranked. It’s nothing. You will regain much more in other matches.
  • Order of card placement matters. There is enough time to think everything through. If you have like, Ghost Rider, Blade, Yondu, and The Infinaut on your last turn, you can always “stack” plays in a specific order so that Blade discards The Infinaut as your last card in hand and then have Ghost Rider return it.
  • If you have Jubilee in your hand to play, consider what remains in your deck and what you expect of each of those cards. Make sure also to plan your card slots in case Hela or Ghost Rider would potentially return Jubilee.
  • Keep track of what you are discarding from your opponent’s hand as well. Depriving your opponent of key cards could indicate that you should Snap.
  • If you free yourself from the influence of Agatha early, and you have an Infinaut in your hand on Turn 5, consider not playing anything rather than trying to gamble him away from your hand.

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Hela Discard Deck List Code for Marvel Snap

So, you want to be in control of your plays? We warn you, discards are random, so if you are wandering away from Agatha’s embrace, take this with you:

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# (1) Blade
# (2) Morbius
# (2) Scarlet Witch
# (2) Swarm
# (2) Wolverine
# (3) Gambit
# (3) Moon Knight
# (3) Sword Master
# (4) Dracula
# (4) Ghost Rider
# (6) Hela
# (6) Apocalypse
# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and paste it from the deck editing menu in Snap.
  • Morbius
    You’ll probably discard four cards after you play Morbius, so 8-Power for 2 Energy is just about right to dodge Shang-Chi.
  • Scarlet Witch
    I rarely play decks without her. Having the possibility to flip almost any Location you don’t like for any reason is worth it.
  • Swarm
    If you discard it, improves the odds that it will be discarded again, plus it is great fodder for the last turn, dodges the “Cards that cost 1, 2, or 3 cannot be played here” effects, etc…
  • Wolverine
    Okay to play on the curve or to discard whenever. Great to put on a Location that destroys cards (like Murderworld) to keep other slots empty temporarily.
  • Gambit
    Crazy card, especially if you can clone it with a Location.
  • Dracula
    Dodges Shang-Chi and Ongoing effect negations completely. The idea is to discard Apocalypse with him and make Dracula grow big.
  • Apocalypse
    As I like to call it, the point is to “reforge” him to at least 14 Power. Can be played on Turn 6 as a massive chunk of Power or discarded with Dracula for a totally not obvious end-of-game bonus.

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The deck is RNG-Heavy so try not to get mad when the gamble doesn’t go your way.

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