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Best Silver Surfer Decks in Marvel Snap (New Battle Pass Card December 2022)

Surf your way away from Silver ranks with these cool cards!

by Nikola L

Silver Surfer is a new card in Marvel Snap that can be currently obtained by purchasing the Premium Battle Pass, or you can wait for 2 seasons to pass, and then you can get it by leveling collection randomly. For 3 Energy, you can play Silver Surfer, who has 0 Power and an “On Reveal” effect, which grants +3 Power to each and every 3-Energy card that you currently have in play.
When I took the first glance at the card I instantly claimed that it was garbage, but after further inspection, I understood that there is a combo potential that’s relatively stable. When you have a look at the deck’s performance, you have a somewhat flexible midrange deck that has some counters, but it’s really performing well if you know when to evacuate from a match.
Prima Games will provide you with some useful insight regarding this new Battle Pass card and will pitch you some Deck ideas.

What is the Best Silver Surfer Deck in Marvel Snap?

To tell you the truth, we don’t know. The card’s been out for just less than 24 hours. But, we have figured out some great combos that you definitely will use if you want to play Silver Surfer to his full potential. There are quite a few types of Silver Surfer decks already, and here are the top candidates for your deck below: (Please note that we have highlighted the cards we are using as we are climbing the ladder right now)

Screenshot by Prima Games

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(2) Goose - if you do not run anything big, you just gotta keep the cat in the deck! (2) Domino - if you want to streamline your draw (2) Scarlet Witch - I keep her in EVERY deck as a staple, no questions asked. (3) Agent Coulson - if you want to go outside of the 3-Cost comfort zone (3) Brood - if you need a swarm of cards (3) Captain America - if you don't have anything else from the list or just want more aggro. (3) Cosmo - if you want to harass the opponent's On Reveal cards (3) Juggernaut - brutal follow-up to Storm that will disallow your enemy from putting anything (3) Killmonger - you don't keep any 1 Cost cards, so purging them all is logically - brilliant (3) Kingpin - cool to hold the middle Location against Move decks. (3) Maximus - card for last turn, because you never want to give 2 cards to your enemy unless their hand is full already for some reason (3) Polaris - to disrupt enemy plays (3) Rogue - to steal brutal ongoing card effects (3) Silver Surfer - we can't have a Silver Surfer deck without the Silver Surfer (3) Storm - cool to flip locations and force plays (3) Wave - play it to enable Sera on Turn 4, and don't forget to snap before the end of the match! (4) Shang Chi - good counter, if you want to step outside your comfort zone. (5) Sera - even if you play Sera on Turn 5, you can play three 3-Drops on Turn 6

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Some other cool 3-Cost cards exist, but we feel they might be a bit too situational at times. We aim for consistency and a steady win rate (with proper Snapping).

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