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How to Unlock Titles in Marvel Snap and Every Title Listed

A lot of great references are on this list.

by Nikola L

You are reading this because you probably saw a title under a certain player and now you want in on the fun. Worry not, Prima Games will let you know how to Unlock Titles in Marvel Snap so that you can sport one of them under your name as well.

How to Get Titles in Marvel Snap and List of All Titles

You get Titles in Marvel Snap by opening a Collector’s Reserve as you progress through your Collection. There is a small, random chance that you will get a Title from that chest roll. The first Collector’s Reserve can be seen at Collection Level 1006.

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Once a title is unlocked, click your Portrait in the Main Menu, which will open the usual menu of your Avatar Customization Now, you will notice in the bottom-right that there is a new button called “Titles.” Upon opening it, you can choose the title you want, or remove it completely.

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Complete Title List in Marvel Snap (December 2022)

There are 104 titles in Marvel Snap right now (December 12th, 2022):

  1. 90s was the Best Decade
  2. A Bit Of A Scientist
  3. Absolute Garbage
  4. AKA “The Boss”
  5. All Rights Reserved
  6. Always Snaps
  7. Ant-Man Could’ve Killed Thanos
  8. As Performed By Dazzler
  9. At Least I Used to Be
  10. Ballin’ Out Of Control
  11. Beaten But Not Fully Dead
  12. Beware Of Dog
  13. Bit Smelly But Otherwise Fine
  14. Bronze Rank Pride
  15. Built Like A Truck
  16. But Not The Real One
  17. Can Lift Mjolnir
  18. Capable of Greatness, Perhaps
  19. The Conqueror
  20. Cool Cool Cool
  21. Cosmic Is My Stage Name
  22. Couple Cubes Short Of A Rank
  23. Definitely Not Ultron
  25. Don’t Worry I Don’t Bite
  26. Do You Even Lift, Bro
  27. Ego, Take The Wheel
  28. Ego = Snap
  29. Embarrassment To My Family
  30. Est. 2022
  31. Evil Twin
  32. Extra Crunchy
  33. Flammable, Stay Back
  34. Flippant Flipper
  35. Foils Only
  36. The Fourth
  37. Fragrant
  38. Friendly Neighbor
  39. From The Top Rope
  40. Gooey Yet Firm
  41. Got a Bad Feeling About This
  42. Have I Defeated You Before?
  43. Herald Of Galactus
  44. Herald Of Goose
  45. HEY. Calm Down
  46. Honey, I Shrunk The Heroes
  47. Horrible, But Not In THAT Way
  48. I Am On The Toilet
  49. I Don’t Have A Title I Like Yet
  50. If I Lose, Do Not Take Credit
  51. If You Snap I Slap
  52. I Got Dem Variants
  53. Insatiable Hunger (For Tacos)
  54. Introverted
  55. Is Bringing The Thunder
  56. I Survived Nexus Events
  57. I Whine On The Internet
  58. I Will Spare Your Puny Planet
  59. I’m Outside Your House
  60. I’m Sorry It Has Come to This
  61. Just Excited To Be Here
  62. Korg Fan Club
  63. Lethal Protector
  64. Lumberjack Extraordinaire
  65. Met Nick Fury Once
  66. Mom Said This Is My Last Game
  67. Most Juicy
  68. Mostly In Control
  69. My Child Is An Honor Student
  70. My Other Ride Is An Ant
  71. Never Lucky
  72. Not a Puny Mortal!
  73. Object of Ridicule
  74. The One and Only
  75. Or is it?
  76. Part-Time Avenger
  77. Playing Agatha
  78. Please Do Not Step on Me
  79. Professor X’s Best Friend
  80. Raised By Wolves
  81. Rapidly Decomposing
  82. Really Really Dirty
  83. Really Really Hot
  84. Rhymes With Orange
  85. Rider Of The Silver Scooter
  86. Should Really Drink More Water
  87. Slightly Radioactive
  88. Survived Thanos
  89. Tacos After This?
  90. Technically Not Tarzan
  91. Thanos Was Right
  92. That’s No Moon!
  93. The Silver Couch Surfer
  94. This Is My First Game, Go Easy
  95. This Is My Full-Time Job
  96. This Matchmaking Sucks
  97. Top Chef
  98. Why Yes, That Is A Loincloth
  99. Yes, All 24oz
  100. Yes, Why Do You Ask
  101. Yoghurt, Son
  102. Your Old Nemesis
  103. Zabu, No, Bad Kitty
  104. “Working” From Home

We will update this list as soon as new titles come out. Good luck catching them all! Check out our other Marvel Snap articles at the game tag below.

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