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Marvel Snap Card Pools Explained

It's going to be a long grind.

by Jesse Vitelli

Marvel Snap is a digital card game that allows players to construct a deck of their favorite Marvel heroes and villains. Using this large roster of characters, you’ll engage in battles with other players of distinct landmarks from the Marvel universe. Battle it out to win Cosmic Cubes and rank up, adding new cards to your arsenal. The way cards are unlocked can be a little confusing. So let’s explain how card pools work in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap Card Pools Explained

You’ll need to upgrade your collection level if you want new cards in Marvel Snap. This is done by upgrading your existing cards and increasing their rarity. From there, your collection level will go up and allow you to unlock new cards.

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Some cards are only available at specific collection level ranges. These ranges are known as pools. When you’re in one of the pool ranges, you’ll be matched up against other players in the same pool, meaning you won’t get matched up with players who have better decks than you. It’s a way to keep the matches feeling fair and even.

Let’s take a look below at the pools and their ranges.

Pool 1Collection Level 18-21446 Cards
Pool 2Collection Level 222-47425 Cards
Pool 3Collection Level 486+74 Cards

As your collection level increases, you’ll be placed into one of the three pools above. The number of cards in each pool represented how many exclusive cards there are in each range. The cards you obtain are random, so you might get the best cards first if you’re lucky. You will not move up in a pool until you have the corresponding collection level.

Your collection level is the number underneath your avatar at the top of the screen. Check in on it often to see where you are.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how card pools work in Marvel Snap. Check out our other useful Marvel Snap guides, like all of the card levels listed.