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Best Ways to Spend Your Gold in Marvel Snap

Gold = Stonks

by Nikola L

Marvel Snap is a new online card game made by Nuverse and Second Dinner Studios Inc. You can earn many different resources and progress different parts of your account as you play (and you’ll play for hours, trust me), and one of the resources available in Marvel Snap is, of course, Gold. Gold can be earned through Season Pass, Ranked Mode, and various Missions, but sadly not from building up your Collection. Alternatively, Gold can be purchased for real money. What are the best ways to spend the Gold you earn in Marvel Snap, you may ask? Prima Games has slammed dozens of hours into playing Marvel Snap so we’re here to answer that.

Best Uses For Gold in Marvel Snap

At the moment, there are two ways that you can spend your Gold. The first one is to buy the variant cards directly from the game shop:

Screenshot by Prima Games

Every 24 hours, the Marvel characters available for purchase rotate, as seen in the screenshot. That’s just purely cosmetic. You can take your time and save your Gold for another day if you are hunting for a specific Variant. There are many characters in the game. Be patient!

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The other way to spend your Gold is to turn it into Credits:

Screenshot by Prima Games

Credits are also earned through other means and if you spend Gold on Credits, you will see faster growth of your collection on average. When you are happy with your collection, splurge the Gold into Variant Characters so that you can put some swag on your decks.

If you are chasing your weekly 25 mission bonus, and season pass points, and you are playing this game a lot, roll new missions. It’s marginally better than just buying credits.

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