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Is the Token Tuesday Bundle Worth it in Marvel Snap?

Is the new Gold sink good or not?

by Nikola L

A lot of players are complaining that there are not enough ways to spend all the accumulated Gold in Marvel Snap, and Second Dinner has come up with a new plan for those players. Enter Token Tuesday Bundle, a new, time-limited bundle that you can purchase within a 24-hour timeframe. What is this Token Tuesday Bundle and is it worth buying? Prima Games delivers a short analysis.

What is the Token Tuesday Bundle in Marvel Snap?

As the Feature Image suggests, this Token Tuesday Bundle contains 400 Collector’s Tokens and 15 random Boosters and costs 450 Gold. It is available this Tuesday in the Shop. You should check it out while it lasts (the time limit will be visible on your end).

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Should You Buy the Token Tuesday Bundle in Marvel Snap?

Given that Collector’s Tokens are probably the best currency in the game and that it’s usually pretty limited and random in terms of how you can obtain it, outside of these bundles, I would say buy it, don’t miss it. 450 Gold is not a big price, you do not even need to give any money for it (and I would be against that), most players have this much Gold stashed already from the weekly quests, battle pass progress, and collection level increases. If you don’t have 450 Gold today, this is a lesson to be learned. Marvel Snap is getting good bundles once in a while (like that Deadpool bundle which provided good value).

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Will the Token Tuesday Bundle Be Available Again Next Tuesday? Token Tuesday Bundle Event List

Actually, yes! This will happen a total of four times, between 3 AM GMT on the day and 3 AM GMT the next day.

For your reference: 3 AM GMT is: 7 PM PT and 10 PM EST on the day before (so, Monday evening for US players).

  • Token Tuesday #1: February 28th, 450 Gold, 400 Collector’s Tokens, 15 boosters
  • Token Tuesday #2: March 7th, 850 Gold, 800 Collector’s Tokens, 65 boosters
  • Token Tuesday #3: March 14th, 650 Gold, 600 Collector’s Tokens, 35 boosters
  • Token Tuesday #4: March 21st, 450 Gold, 400 Collector’s Tokens, 15 boosters

Total Cost: 2400 Gold
Total Gain: 2200 Collector’s Tokens, 130 boosters

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