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Best Shuri Deck in Marvel Snap (With Deck Code)

Let's duplicate some big beaters for you real quick.

by Nikola L

Shuri is a really popular card in Marvel Snap nowadays, though not all players have it due to its rarity. It packs quite a punch and was very popular during the Prime Zabu era, where you could wombo-combo your way to victory with Wong, Shuri, and a big beat stick. However, Zabu is now mostly gone from the meta, and Shuri fans are looking for ways to abuse her duplication power. Well, Prima Games has the power to let you know how to (ab)use this power, so power up your scroll wheel (or thumb if you’re on mobile) because we have some decklists to share – with a deck code!

Tier 1 Shuri Deck List for Marvel Snap (With Deck Code)

Shuri is considered to be the Tier 1 deck along with (Lockjaw) Thanos, and Zabu Darkhawk right now (in February 2023).

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Below you will find a list to try out. Naturally, you probably don’t have all the cards, so we’ll think of a few replacements for you. Here’s what it looks like:

Screenshot by Prima Games
# (1) Sunspot - Great to boost when you (un)willingly do not spend mana.
# (1) Zero - It's there for Titania, Aero (when you do not need the effect) and Red Skull.
# (1) Titania - You can play it on a Location which the enemy filled. Max value!
# (2) Armor - Shang Chi is still a thing, y'know...
# (2) Lizard - Good to force the enemy to overcommit to a Location (it's a Titania trap).
# (3) Cosmo - On Reveal effects are always powerful, you need the doggo to block stuff!
# (4) Shuri - The card which made me write this article
# (5) Taskmaster - Card that copies your She-Hulk or Red Skull (hopefully powered by Shuri™)
# (5) Captain Marvel - Interesting card that you can also power up with Shuri. 
# (5) Aero - One of the most hated cards. Derail your opponent's combos in 2 seconds.
# (5) Red Skull - Boss card. His power is 15/13/11/9/7, depending on how many cards are across.
# (6) She-Hulk - Boss card #2. Ideally, skip your turn 5 and then slam dunk two boss cards on T6.
# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and paste it from the deck editing menu in Snap.

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Replacement cards:

  • Polaris (more derailing of opponent’s combos)
  • Arnim Zola (split up Red Skull)
  • Attuma (goes well with Armor or Zero)
  • Typhoid Mary (goes well with Zero)
  • Zabu (if you are stacked with 4-Cost cards in this alternate decklist, then by all means, include Zabu)
  • Maximus (Zero and Cosmo love this card)
  • Ebony Maw (strong on its own but is insane with Zero)
  • Sauron (Cancels out negative Ongoing effects from Ebony Maw, Lizard, Typhoid Mary, and Red Skull)

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