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Darkhawk: New Marvel Snap Card – Showcase, Decks, Counters, Synergies

Your opponent will have just a few cards in their deck at the end of the game, UNLESS...

by Nikola L

Marvel Snap has revealed two new cards, and one of them is Darkhawk. At first, the effect looks weak and underwhelming, but wait, don’t close the article yet. What if we told you that some cards work well with it? Prima Games will showcase Darkhawk below and provide you with tips on how to best use it. You won’t believe it when you see it!

Darkhawk Card Effect in Marvel Snap

Darkhawk is a card that costs 4 Energy, with just 1 Power on it. However, the footnote says, “Ongoing: +2 Power for each card in your opponent’s deck.”. The natural question of mostly everyone is, “But doesn’t the opponent’s deck get very thin, if not empty, by the end of the match?” and yes, you are very, very correct. There are ways to prevent this, of course.

You probably remember some cards already, but we’ll help you out, no worries.

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Darkhawk Deck Example in Marvel Snap With Code

Screenshot by Prima Games

This is our variant of the deck. There are many others, but this one is ours. Some people like to put in Beast so that they can re-do some effects, and people use Storm as additional pressure, but all in all, these are small differences.

We’ll go through each card below:

  1. Korg
    Puts a Rock in the opponent’s Deck
  2. Black Widow
    Disables opponent from drawing, or in other words, stops the opponent from decreasing the number of cards in their Deck. If you combo this with Wave somehow, it’s highly problematic for the opponent
  3. Psylocke
    Mana ramp
  4. Scarlet Witch
    Seeing a bad location? No problem (mostly). And, of course, you want to get to the location that adds Rocks or Vibranium into Decks.
  5. Mystique
    Use it to clone Darkhawk or Wong
  6. Wave
    Early combo enabler (let’s say Odin on some On Reveal effects that are detrimental for the opponent.)
  7. Darkhawk
    The card we’re building this Deck around.
  8. Wong
    A lot of On Reveal effects makes us want to double them.
  9. Shang-Chi
    For when an opponent’s card gets way out of control
  10. Rock Slide
    Korg on steroids
  11. Odin
    Effect repeater
  12. America Chavez
    You’ll rarely play it. We just want it in the deck so that the deck size is virtually reduced to 11, and that’s a very important role from a consistency standpoint. It means you’ll get to other vital cards faster.

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How to Counter Darkhawk in Marvel Snap

There’s nothing much you can do because most of these suggestions are not generally suitable for all-purpose use, so unless everyone starts playing Darkhawk decks, choose your counters carefully:

  • Scarlet Witch (flips a location that fills your deck with garbage)
  • Jubilee + Wong + Odin to thin your deck (however, you might be pulling rocks out)
  • Shang-Chi (to slam dunk an overcommitted Darkhawk or a clone of it)
  • Enchantress (cut the first Darkhawk play in its core and Snap before ending your turn to annoy the opponent because their win condition has been shattered)
  • Rogue (steal the first Darkhawk before it lays eggs, or use it as a last-turn sudden strike)

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