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What is Winterverse in Marvel Snap and What are the Daily Login Rewards?

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by Nikola L

Winterverse is here, which provides Marvel Snap with its very own in-game holiday season with daily login rewards and the Winterverse Bundle. Prima Games is reporting on the contents of Winterverse and is here with some troubleshooting for players who can’t find their rewards.

How to Claim the Daily Login Rewards in Marvel Snap

Log in to Marvel Snap daily and head out to your Inbox, which can be found by pressing the newspaper icon in the bottom-right of the screen, which will then show you the rewards you have already claimed and those that are yet to be claimed. To claim the daily reward, tap/click the message.

The daily rewards are as follows (starting December 20, 2022):

  1. 100 Credits
  2. 30 Boosters
  3. 100 Gold
  4. 100 Credits
  5. 150 Credits
  6. Autographed Nick Fury Variant (by everyone’s favorite: Samuel L. Jackson)
  7. 200 Gold
  8. 50 Credits
  9. 30 Angela Boosters
  10. 100 Credits
  11. 30 Boosters
  12. Black Panther Icon
  13. 500 Credits
  14. 200 Gold

Total: 1000 Credits, 300 Gold, 60 Random Boosters, 30 Angela Boosters.

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Additionally, during these 14 days, when you open a Collector’s Reserve, you might get one of the Winterverse variants of Abomination, Ebony Maw, Patriot, Rockslide, or Rogue.

Winterverse Bundle contains:

  • Sunspot Winterverse Variant
  • Sunspot Winterverse Avatar
  • 2000 Collector’s Tokens
  • 8000 Credits
  • 100 Sunsport Boosters
  • “Tacos After This?” Title

In my personal opinion, this is not worth the price of (basically) two AAA games. 6000 Gold usually translates to 7500 Credits, and you will get more value (500 Credits and other listed stuff up there), but it’s worth it if you saved up the free gold you have been getting over the course of the past months. 2000 Collector’s Tokens can get you two cards that are worth 1000 Credits each.

The Token economy is harsh, and we advise you rather wait to gather 3000 Collector’s Tokens for a more powerful card.
We hope that Marvel Snap developers will adjust this in the future.

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Help! I Don’t See Rewards in Marvel Snap on Steam

The rewards are simply unavailable on Steam, based on our research on the official Marvel Snap Discord server. If you do not have an Android or iOS phone, download BlueStacks for free and use it to claim rewards for now.

Help! I Don’t See Rewards in Marvel Snap on Android and iOS

This is another problem. According to our research, the way to solve this is to check your phone for any settings or software (maybe even network settings) that are used to block ads on your phone. I use a Private DNS on my phone that filters out most of the ads on my device, and after switching the DNS setting to Default, I refreshed my Inbox successfully without restarting the game. I have also seen that the main menus differ regarding what slides you see in the background.

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If you still do not see your inbox after disabling your ad-blocking software/settings/router feature, restart your game, try clearing the app’s cache, or reinstalling the game from scratch. If it persists, please use the in-game feature to report a problem/bug through the settings. Make sure to start the report with “Inbox” so that the Marvel Snap developer team can spot the keyword easily.

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