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Best Hazmat Deck in Marvel Snap With Tutorial

So toxic you will need a Hazmat Suit.

by Nikola L

“What did you just bring to this cursed land” is the correct feeling you got when you faced this deck for the first time. Naturally, you Googled “Hazmat Deck Marvel Snap” and this Prima Games page is glancing at you, visibly snickering at your suffering, and handing you your very own Hazmat suit with your name on it.

Hazmat Deck is the new meta entry for Marvel Snap, and once the deck gets going, it’s absolutely annoying to deal with, and they don’t call it a toxic deck for no reason. Check out the decklists and a short tutorial on how to play the Hazmat Deck in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap Hazmat Deck Decklist Examples

The Hazmat combo depends on two crucial cards that we want to abuse to oblivion and back:

  • Luke Cage
    2 Energy, 1 Power
    Ongoing: Your cards can’t have their Power reduced.
  • Hazmat
    2 Energy, 1 Power
    On Reveal: Afflict all other cards with -1 Power

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Decklists are as follows:

Hooglandia Toxic Hazmat Deck

(1) The Hood
(2) Black Widow
(2) Hazmat
(2) Luke Cage
(2) Carnage
(2) Viper
(3) Green Goblin
(3) Debrii
(4) Wong
(4) Moon Girl
(4) Typhoid Mary
(6) Odin

Let’s go through all of these cards so that we can explain how this deck works in detail:

  • The Hood
    Excellent 1-Drop. Feeds Carnage very well and does wonders with Viper, which can flick it to the enemy’s side.
  • Black Widow
    An annoyance of a card that forces the enemy to have a useless card on the field, or else new cards cannot be drawn.
  • Hazmat
    Hazmat is a plague that your opponent will rage at a lot.
  • Luke Cage
    Luke Cage holds that door to prevent your cards from being plagued by Hazmat. They are besties!
  • Carnage
    Serves to devour some unfortunate squirrels, raptors, rocks, or any other useless card.
  • Viper
    You accidentally left a negative value card on your side of the field? NVM LOL
  • Green Goblin
    See, this is why trolling is A art. Insult to injury to an already handicapped board. Watch out for enemy Odin and make sure that you fill up the Location so that it doesn’t come back to you!
  • Debrii
    More flood of opponent’s board with useless garbage that will continue losing Power
  • Wong
    One of the two combo enablers. Duplicates the On Reveal effects for your Hazmat.
  • Moon Girl
    If Wong doesn’t come around, Moon Girl will copy your Hazmat for you.
  • Typhoid Mary
    “Your other cards have -1 Pow-“ no, they don’t. Thanks to Luke Cage!
  • Odin
    For those sweet toxic match finishes. If you happen to have Wong with two Hazmats on board and the Location you are on is doubling your On Reveal or Ongoing effects, start filming the turn animation sequence and send it to us on Facebook and/or Twitter.

You basically want to repeat the effect of Hazmat as much as possible in your last two turns. However, you need to do some build-up for this to happen. The deck is sadly vulnerable to Cosmo and similar effects.

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Hazmat Exodia by 32EMCM4992

(2) Hazmat
(2) Luke Cage
(2) Psylocke
(2) Invisible Woman
(2) Colossus
(3) Mystique
(3) Ironheart
(3) Wave
(4) Wong
(5) Magik
(6) Onslaught
(6) Odin


This is a massive high-roll deck. You need to pull off a great combo if you want to win, which often requires you to draw your entire deck at the right times. As 32EMCM4992 explained, there are two main combos:

Combo 1:

  • Turn 2: Colossus or Luke Cage in Lane 1.
  • Turn 3: Wave in Lane 2. This enables you to play a 6-Cost card on Turn 4.
  • Turn 4: Onslaught in Lane 2
  • Turn 5: Magik in Lane 1. You need that Turn 7 for this combo to work, unfortunately.
  • Turn 6: Colossus or Luke Cage in Lane 1, and Wong in Lane 2. Wong needs to be played second.
    Lane 1 has: Colossus, Luke Cage, Magik, and Wave. That’s 10 Power.
    Lane 2 has: Onslaught and Wong, which doubles Wong’s effect
  • Turn 7: Play Mystique and Hazmat. Mystique will clone Wong’s Ongoing effect (this is why you need to play him last) and Hazmat will obliterate the Power of all enemy cards. Lane 2 has 10 Power as well.
  • Hazmat will, in normal conditions (neutral Location) trigger about 16 times.

Combo 2:

  • Turn 2: Psylocke in Lane 1
  • Turn 3: Wong in Lane 2 (courtesy of Psylocke)
  • Turn 4: Ironheart in Lane 2
  • Turn 5: Luke Cage and Hazmat in Lane 2
  • Turn 6: Odin in Lane 2

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This is a poor man’s variant of the combo, some alternate win condition if Combo 1 fails to develop. Hazmat will proc twice on Turn 5, and eight more times on Turn 6. 10 times is not bad. And you will proc Ironheart a lot as well. We hope you will have fun with this deck and that your opponents won’t.

Nikola L

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