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A Player Has Somehow Reached The Current Maximum Collection Level in Marvel Snap

So much for "Infinite" keyword in Marvel Snap :)

by Nikola L

After learning about this, I was first shocked, and then I started laughing hysterically. You’ll probably also have the same reaction after reading this article fully. Basically, if you are playing Marvel Snap, you know how hard it is to get your Collection Level up, and this guy just… Straight up won the game. Give him a permanent Infinite Rank for all memes (pardon, means) and purposes. More on this story is below.

What is the Maximum Collection Level in Marvel Snap?

This article is being written by a player with a (current) Collection Level of “just” 2647. And I must say that it’s been about 400 hours of in-game time, and three season passes purchased (I do not have the aspiration to allocate any more of my disposable income to this game). So, the grind is indeed very real, my highest rank was 95 (aaaand then I tilted down to 75).

This person I am writing about has reached the (current) collection level cap of 22366, even though his collection level is now 22907. His CL kept increasing, but no further rewards were given out because the Collection Level track just stops at 22366.
He just has everything in this game.

How Much Money Do You Need to Reach Maximum Collection Level in Marvel Snap?

According to this user (we’ll try to keep this as anonymized as possible for his sake), he spent about $400-500 each month since Day 1 of Closed Beta. Let’s round it up and say that it took him $5000. He claims that he has bought every single bundle and that he maxed out a lot of Nexus events (before they were taken out of the game).

Screenshot from Discord by Prima Games

He even says that this amount of money is nothing compared to what some Genshin Impact players spend.
Once again, due to our respect for this user’s anonymity, we won’t disclose anything further about this player, except that he confessed that this amount of money basically hasn’t impacted his life a bit since he can earn those $22 per day he paid on average in just a few minutes. These are the people who keep free-to-play games alive for the less fortunate who cannot afford to shell out money to support the developers. Hats off to you, good sir. We can only hope that Marvel Snap developers will put these funds to good use to improve the game for everyone. This reminds me of that (now banned) CS:GO streamer who (allegedly) worked some high-end job on oil rigs, basically never played CS:GO, but only used the stream to dance drunk out of his mind in front of his camera while opening an insurmountable amount of cases every time he went live.
These people know what they live for.

Also, imagine not opening every card in the game until the very end of the collection track (Beast at the end).

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A Marvel Snap team member came out to the thread and confirmed the awkwardness of this situation, called it a “world’s first” achievement, and promised that the collection track will be extended at some point.

We hope this article was interesting and hope to see you soon on Prima Games!

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