What Does Sauron Do in Marvel Snap? Card Showcase and Deck Ideas With Code

No, this is not the Lord of the Rings character.

Sauron is a new card in Marvel Snap, which is placed in Series 5 (Pool 5), which many players will probably like, but most won’t see it immediately. Prima Games is here to unveil everything about Sauron in Marvel Snap so that you can be prepared to counter him when you see him and to have some general idea of what you can do with Sauron and which Deck you can fit him in when you do eventually obtain him. You’ll even have a deck code to import.

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Sauron in Marvel Snap – Effect Explained

Sauron costs 3 Energy and has 3 Power and has a very simple On Reveal: Remove the abilities from all Ongoing cards in your hand and deck. You can get it when you open a chest after you pass Collection Level 486, or if you happen to get it as a Token Shop option, which will (at this moment) cost 6000 Tokens.

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Why Would You Remove Your Ongoing Effects with Sauron in Marvel Snap?

Well, not every Ongoing effect in Marvel Snap is a positive one, that’s for sure.

  • Red Skull gives 2, 4, 6, or 8 power to your opponent, depending on how many cards are on the Location you play him on
  • Typhoid Mary can inflict your entire board with up to -11 Power, not counting other amplifiers
  • Lizard won’t lose his Power when the opponent fills up the Location Lizard is in
  • Ebony Maw would be playable after Turn 3 and wouldn’t block off further plays on that Location, and we can agree that 1/7 Card would be a potent one.

It’s currently under debate whether Electro works with Sauron or not, given that his effect has two parts. It’s implied that the entire card text would be gone.

Deck Ideas for Sauron in Marvel Snap with Deck Code

We’ve made a certain mix that we hope you will like:

Screenshot from Marvel Snap Zone

Yes, you can put in the Taskmaster to follow up after Red Skull / Typhoid Mary as most people do. Please be advised that Attuma needs to be negated with Zero and that Titania must be played in a way that you retain her at the end of the match:

  1. Negate her with Zero
  2. Play her so that the opponent’s side of the Location is full, or will be full once next card is played, so that Titania cannot switch

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We hope you’ll make good use of Arnim Zola, especially with Red Skull.
Enchantress and Rogue are there to harass Wong and Zabu decks, which are prevalent in the meta nowadays, and also can disturb Devil Dinosaur plays. The deck code is below:


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