Best Kazoo Decks in Marvel Snap (With Deck Code)

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Kazoo Deck is one of the most popular decks in Marvel Snap, which can be played fairly early when your collection is still small, but there are also powerful assets in later collections that you can put in to make this deck even more powerful. It is a load of fun, relatively easy to play, gets countered by just a handful of cards, and Prima Games is sure that you’ll manage to get your rank up a bit with one of these lists.

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Top Kazoo Decks in Marvel Snap

We’ll list some deck codes for different Pools. We hope you will find our lists enjoyable. Make sure to check out our Marvel Snap Game Tag for more coverage!

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Pool 1 Kazoo Deck Code for Marvel Snap

We made a reasonably cool deck and posted it on Marvel Snap Zone.

Screenshot from Marvel Snap Zone

It’s a bunch of 1-Cost cards and a couple of “boss” cards. Let’s explain it a bit:

  • During the first 3 turns, the idea is to flood the board as much as possible with low-cost cards.
  • Use Armor to protect Ant-Man and Rocket Raccoon (if the effect goes off).
  • Try to group Ka-Zar and Blue Marvel with Onslaught to improve the effects stack.
  • Know when to retreat and bet your Cubes carefully

If you are missing any of these cards, you can replace them with any cards that you find suitable (Mantis, Scarlet Witch, Yondu, Cable, Iron Man, Moon Girl, Cosmo, Wolfsbane, America Chavez, Iron Man). Good luck!

A bit of Trivia: Onslaught was the last Pool 1 card that I unlocked, so I know the struggle. Hang in there!


Pool 2 Kazoo Deck Code for Marvel Snap

Okay, this one is a bit different. You’ll notice the absence of Onslaught; however, nothing is stopping you from adding it.
This decklist presents a different type of gameplay that you might need to utilize to escape Killmonger. Killmonger is literally the one card that shuts down this deck, and a lot of decks keep it. We took Armor out because we like to live our lives dangerously.

Screenshot from Marvel Snap Zone

Basically, as turns pass, you are supposed to develop a board with Okoye (if you do not have her ready on Turn 2, then it’s probably not worth playing), Bishop, Angela, Sunspot, Iceman (the way Iceman disrupts the mana curve can even force people to retreat). On Turns 4 and 5, you ideally should drop Ka-Zar and Blue Marvel, and even more ideally, you should have less power before Turn 6 plays out because then your opponent will reveal their cards first (Killmonger as well, which would then be half-useless). On Turn 6, you need to lay out your hand on the remaining slots on the board for maximum power.

Keep in mind that Angela’s Location should have only Angela. Some new players mix Angela and Bishop.


Pool 3 Kazoo Deck Code for Marvel Snap

And finally, here’s our Pool 3 Kazoo Deck List.

Screenshot from Marvel Snap Zone

More of the same philosophy. Debrii looks solid here. If you don’t have Debrii, get a Bishop in, a Scarlet Witch, Armor, Cosmo, or anything you like. It’s no longer that mindless push deck from Pool 1; now, it has elements of control and disruption!

Keep notes of what Yondu is killing because those cards will not be played. Sometimes you can wreck a key card out of the opponent’s deck, such as Killmonger.


Oh, and by the way, here’s a Kazoo Ultron variant we wrote about recently:

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Why is Kazoo Deck called a Zoo Deck?

The “Zoo” term was initially used in Magic: The Gathering to describe a low-cost aggro deck that used a lot of animal creatures. The term was later adopted by Hearthstone players, not just because of M:TG, but because the Hearthstone deck in question also had various animals (and demons) in the roster. Naturally, the term appears in the next new thing in the card game universe: Marvel Snap.

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