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Best Nimrod Decks in Marvel Snap Listed – With Deck Codes

These are not foolish decks at all, mind you...

by Nikola L

Nimrod is the March 2023 Season Pass card for Premium (paid) users, and it’s a nice card for decks that like to destroy their own cards. There are a couple of variants that you can play since Nimrod has a decent amount of flexibility and fits in various sub-types of Destroy decks. Nimrod is a 5-Cost, 5-Power card. The effect is “When this is destroyed, add a copy to each other location.” and we know that you’re already thinking about a whole load of cards that work well with Nimrod.

Prima Games has a few deck ideas to present to our readers, with deck codes for easy import. Check out how you too can use Nimrod to win big!

Shuri Nimrod Deck for Marvel Snap With Deck Code

This is a weird hybrid list, but statistically, it has a great win rate and a great cube net value. The possibilities are quite lovely, as the deck is not very predictable, and works in whole loads of different ways. Some people would toss in Electro as well to ramp up even faster. Arnim Zola can make very unpredictable results with Wong, Nimrod, Red Skull, Dr. Doom, and She-Hulk.

Image via Marvel Snap Zone

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Galactus Destroyer Nimrod Deck for Marvel Snap With Deck Code

If you want to play a Destroyer Variant, you can play it with or without Galactus (Replace it with Venom, perhaps?). The goal is to pump up Nimrod as much as possible and then destroy it via Destroyer or Galactus so that it can come to aid Galactus (in two copies). Also, Green Goblin and Hobgoblin are there to plague a Location where you aim to play Galactus.

Okoye, Shuri, and Nakia can help pump up Nimrod and many other cards you deploy them, Wolverine will gladly jump around destroyed Locations when you use Galactus.

Image via Marvel Snap Zone

Galactus Nimrod Deck for Marvel Snap With Deck Code

This is a pure Galactus variant. It’s basically either an Arnim Zola swarm or a Galactus combo deck. As above, you can plague the Location of your opponent with Green Goblin and Hobgoblin before dropping Galactus. Wave would be very welcome in this deck instead of Hood, perhaps, if you want to be early on Hobgoblin, Nimrod, or even Galactus. However, that helps your opponent as well in some cases…

Image via Marvel Snap Zone

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