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New Marvel Snap Locations – July 2023 Developer Update

Oh boy this is gonna be sweet.

Remember when the community of Marvel Snap was repeatedly upset about the negative Locations that were too restraining? Well, Second Dinner listened, and here we are, bringing you some really positive news regarding the two new Locations that will show up in Marvel Snap during July 2023, thanks to the Developer Update that was delivered to us. However, I am sure that not everybody will be happy with these new Locations (I love them!), but I still advise you to make use of them when they drop and become “Hot” so that you can both increase your ladder rank and progress in Conquest. See what they do in Marvel Snap below.

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New Location in Marvel Snap – White Hot Room – Live July 12, 2023

It’s like a sauna in there, for sure! Just kidding. Zoo decks will love it. The effect is:

First to fill this gets +3 Max Energy.

This one is crazy and dangerous, let me tell you that straight away. +3 Max Energy means that from the next turn onward, you get additional 3 Energy to spend. Needless to say, you’ll most likely be retreating if you lose the fight over this Location’s effect. Let me tell you about the decks that will see the biggest benefit from this Location:

  • Zoo decks (a lot of 1-Cost cards never hurt anybody, right?)
  • Cerebro 2 due to that Sinister card
  • Brood (Sera Control usually) which is a great combo with Mysterio if you truly want to abuse this Location when it’s the “hot” day for White Hot Room.

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New Location in Marvel Snap – Lake Hellas – Live July 26, 2023

Zoo decks are gonna Zoom on this one, and that’s the power punch they needed. Get ready for the Killmonger festival on July 26, 2023. The effect of Lake Hellas is:

1-Cost cards here have +2 Power.

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It’s a straight-up Zoo boost, in an effort to forcefully diversify the meta and give some breathing space to these decks. Sadly, it will help “bounce” a bit as well.

That’s all regarding the two new Locations that are coming to Marvel Snap in July 2023. Make sure to check out How to Get to Infinite Rank in Marvel Snap Part 3 – Understanding the Meta – Know Thy Enemy – Respect Your Limits and many more useful guides and news pieces here at Prima Games by clicking the game tag under the article. I wish you safe snapping!

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