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Minccino Pokemon GO – Everything We Know

by Nicholas Barth

Niantic has done an impressive job of having a consistent flow of new content injected into its popular mobile title of Pokemon GO regularly. The latest piece of content that may be coming to the game looks to have been possibly teased by the official Twitter account for the fan-favorite title. This mysterious tweet has led many players to believe that the cuddly creature of Minccino could be joining the party shortly. 

Minccino Pokemon GO

The tweet in question is a post that only contains a moon. Players believe that this is a teaser for the Lunar New Year with the Chinese Zodiac having 2020 marked as the Year of the Rat. Minccino is a rodent character, which is why it is believed to be the subject of this particular teaser.


There is also the fact that dataminers have discovered various researched tasks related to Minccino have been added to the game’s code. 

While these two details do not confirm the future arrival of this character, they both heavily imply that players will soon be able to catch and interact with the cute little critter sometime in the future of 2020.

Minccino Pokemon GO

(photo courtesy of Pokemon GO Hub)

We will update this piece with any new information regarding the arrival of Minccino when it is made available.

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