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Marvel Snap Matchmaking Guide: Rank, Collection Level and More

Cool information for beginners!

by Nikola L

Hello there! If you have come to Prima Games to learn more about Matchmaking, Rank, Collection Level, and other cool stuff in Marvel Snap, you have come to the right place for your guide needs. We will cover all of the basics that you need to get the ball rolling on your Marvel Snap account, so sit back and enjoy.

Matchmaking Rank Guide in Marvel Snap

There are 12 ranks in Marvel Snap right now:

  • Recruit (1)
  • Agent (5)
  • Iron (10)
  • Bronze (20)
  • Silver (30)
  • Gold (40)
  • Platinum (50)
  • Diamond (60)
  • Vibranium (70)
  • Omega (80)
  • Galactic (90)
  • Infinite (100)

The numbers next to the ranks are the numbers of Cubes that you need to have in order to attain the rank. Every time you play, you risk winning or losing 1, 2, 4, or 8 Cubes, depending on when you won or lost the match. Every player can double the stake once by clicking the Cube at the top of the screen, and the game does that automatically before cards are revealed on Turn 6. Make sure to Retreat out of any fights you can’t win and save some Cubes, and also do not be afraid to double the stakes before Turn 6 in case you gauge that you are more powerful and that whatever the opponent plays, you would be able to prevail. If your rank is 10, you cannot drop under it. If you reach 100, it stays 100 until the end of the season.

Speaking of opponents: in matchmaking, when the system is trying to assign you an opponent, the system looks at your Collection Level, and your current hidden rating (we call it MMR, win-loss ratio, elo, etc).

When you attain each of these ranks, you will be getting a specific reward. You can see all of this right next to the Play button (opposite of the deck name that you would be playing). You can also consult these:

Since this isn’t a turn-based game, both players play the cards at the same time. However, there is an order of resolution of the cards. The player who is leading at the moment has their cards resolved (revealed) first. If players are tied, the game decides at random. You will be easily able to spot who’s leading by seeing who has their name glowing in the upper corners.

When speaking about the order of resolution of Cards and Locations that are already in the game, the rule is simple:
Whichever was on the board first, resolves first. Keep that in mind when playing cards that have effects that impact only the cards that are currently on the opponent’s side of the board.

Collection Level Guide for Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap has a different way of obtaining new cards. They are divided into pools and you need to obtain all of the Pool One cards in order to go to the next one. When you upgrade your cards, you raise your collection level, and with it, the rewards that you are entitled to. We have many resources related to this, which we will link below: