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How Do Ties and Tiebreakers Work in Marvel Snap? – Explained

Ties happen, too!

by Nikola L

Marvel Snap is a simplistic card game that has matches that last only 6 turns, so you won’t be caught in a singular match for more than 5 minutes (usually much faster). The winner is determined by calculating who controls the most locations at the end of turn six by having more power on the board. Since there are three locations you can contest with your adversary, naturally, you are supposed to hold two. But what happens when each of you holds on location and you are tied for the third?

Tie works in a specific way in Marvel Snap and the Tiebreaker is not resolved with extra turns, sudden deaths, or anything like that. Prima Games is here to help you understand exactly how Ties and Tiebreakers work in Marvel Snap so that you can use your knowledge and cleverly plan victories when such situations occur.

How Do I Win a Tie in Marvel Snap?

Ties sometimes cannot be calculated nor predicted, but there will be certain moments like when you cannot place a card at a location and both of you just decide to move your Nightcrawlers to it and have them sit there, and end up having a power struggle around two other active locations, for example.

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In such situations, Power Total is calculated for both players, and the bigger number wins. So to keep the math short, disregard the tied location, add your up numbers on the other two locations for your power total, and then do the same to get your opponent’s power total. It may happen that Blue Marvel or Iron Man can help you resolve these ties pretty effectively because if you’re overkilling it in one of your locations, the second is tied, third might not even matter at all! Marvel Snap has some RNG and you will definitely see many funny moments along with ones that will make you jump out of your chair or ragequit.

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