Is Zagreus in Hades 2? – Answered

Will Zag be back?

The Game Awards are always expected to drop some unexpected surprises during its full run. And 2022 couldn’t have it in any different way with the sudden announcement of Hades 2, the first big name to be called upon the stage during the prize-giving ceremony.

This is a first time Supergiant Games gives players a sequel, in which we’ll play as Melinoë, the sister to the previous game’s protagonist Zagreus. But where is he, you may ask? Will he be present in this new sequel to the original god-like roguelike game?

Is Zagreus in Hades 2? – Answered

As the game has just been announced, there’s no confirmation if Zagreus is actually present in the game. Cameos are very likely to happen, though, as we’re now playing with another previously-unknown member of his family.

The only confirmed returning characters so far are Zeus (through the official Steam page) and Hades himself, who is locked to shackles and with a way older look during the reveal trailer. We are led to assume that the Titan of Time Chronos is responsible for that. Instead of running away from Hades, the goal is now to save him.

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But fans have speculated that things may not be as simple as they appear and that the old, shackled figure might be Zagreus, now the Lord of the Underworld himself. This is supported due to his absence in the trailer. Also, why was Melinoë never mentioned before, even after the first game’s ending? One possible answer would be that she was not born yet, as the game is surely taking place long after the first entry in the series.

This is, of course, merely speculation, but it would be a great plot twist to crawl our way back into the Underworld to rescue Zag, who was first responsible for bringing us to this amazing hell of a game.

When Is Hades 2 Coming Out?

Hades 2 does not have a set Release Date yet, and just like its predecessor, it will go through an Early Access phase before its full release. According to its official Steam page, more about the Early Access period will be revealed “sometime in 2023”, so we’ll have to wait for now.

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