Is Exoprimal Character Creation Good - Answered

Is Exoprimal Character Creation Good? – Answered

When you need to show off your personality while exterminating dinosaurs

Like in many multiplayer online games, many players really want to stand out with a uniquely designed character by which they will be recognized. Designing your character is also important in a game with a third-person view since you can see your creation. So, does Capcom’s new co-op multiplayer-only dino shooter Exoprimal have good options for character creation? Let’s find out.

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Character Creation in Exoprimal: Is It Good?

At the very beginning, you create your Exofighter, a human pilot who controls mechs. You’re given the choice of whether you want your human to have feminine or masculine characteristics, and you can adjust the body size and choose between several face presets, hairstyles, scars, makeup, and pilot suit color.

There aren’t many character customization options in Exoprimal and the editor is limited. However, this isn’t a big issue as your character is only visible outside of Exosuits during cutscenes. During gameplay, your human pilot always wears a helmet when briefly seen exchanging suits.

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Image source: Capcom / Prima Games

If you want to alter your pilot’s appearance later on, you can do so by going to the Hangar menu, and selecting Outfits, just below the Exosuits. This will open the character editor again (see the screenshot above).

The real customization in Exoprimal is related to Exosuits. In the same Hangar menu, you can change their skins – some really crazy ones drastically change the appearance of your Exosuit variant.

When you go on a dinosaur killing spree, you want other players to know that you really like burgers. Image source: Capcom / Prima Games

You can add decals, like Street Fighter 6 stickers, and charms such as hanging disco balls, dino eggs, or burgers to your Exosuit. It is also possible to change weapon skins to some absurd colors, so if you like you can go crazy with design and add some personality to your Exosuits much more than with the pilots themselves.

Remember that skins, decals, charms, and all other options for customizing Exosuits can only be unlocked by paying with in-game currency, progressing through the “Survival Pass” system, or via Battle Chest drops. Happy grinding and have fun!

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