Exoprimal How to Unlock Savage Gauntlet Mode

Exoprimal: How to Unlock Savage Gauntlet Mode

More dinosaur shooting fun incoming

Exoprimal has just arrived, and it’s a lot of fun. I mean, how could it not be with mechs facing off against swarms of dinosaurs? That said, many players and critics have complained about the lack of content, especially additional game modes, and I’ve seen the idea of PVP being thrown around a lot. The Savage Gauntlet mode should bring exactly that, so let’s find out how to unlock it.

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How to Unlock Savage Gauntlet Mode in Exoprimal

The new Savage Gauntlet PvE mode in Exoprimal represents an end-game challenge where players and their teams clear the levels for the best time, with dinosaurs being the sole opponents. In order to unlock this additional mode, you need the finish the story, i.e. play a sufficient number of Dino Survival matches until you reach a high enough level to see the end of the game.

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However, even if you were quick to complete Exoprimal’s campaign in just a few days after its release, in order to be able to get into the Savage Gauntlet mode, you will still have to wait until July 28, when this new PvE mode will be added.

Image source: Capcom

As you can see, the Roadmap presented in the image above confirms the release date of this mode as well as other new content that will be added to the Exoprimal over the currently planned three seasons.

So what do you think? Does Exoprimal have a chance to become an even better and more complete game after all these updates? Let’s hope so, because I really want to see that Dino Crisis Remake, and I don’t want Capcom to think that people don’t want more dinosaur games.

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