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Everything you need to know about Modules in Exoprimal

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Exoprimal, Capcom’s unique third-person shooter that pits dinosaurs against player-controlled mechs in PvP and PvE battles, features a variety of customization options in terms of both its skins and (more importantly) its gameplay. Arguably the most essential part of the game’s customization is found in the Exoprimal’s modules, which grant players the ability to upgrade their Exosuits.

This guide will provide everything you need to know about using modules in Exoprimal, including how to obtain, access, and upgrade them.

How to Obtain Modules in Exoprimal

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Modules can be obtained in Exoprimal by leveling up your created character, or a specific Exosuit. Leveling up occurs by completing matches of Dino Survival, which also award players experience points and BikCoins (the game’s currency). Once you have acquired a module, it must first be unlocked using BikCoins (you won’t immediately be able to equip it).

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Where to Access Modules in Exoprimal

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Modules can be found in the Hangar. Select the suit you wish to upgrade, then navigate to the Rigs and Modules tab. From here, you can equip up to three modules. Some are class-specific that buff unique mech abilities, while others are more general and can be equipped to any of the game’s ten Exosuits.

How to Upgrade Modules in Exoprimal

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Once you have obtained a module and unlocked/equipped it, the enhancement can still be further upgraded by using Bikcoins to boost its stats to the highest efficiency level. Simply navigate to the module you wish to upgrade and choose the corresponding “upgrade” button (depending on your platform of choice).

Modules are maxed out at level five and become increasingly expensive as the upgrade level increases, so make sure to specialize your loadouts by spending your hard-earned BikCoins only on a handful of specific modules that benefit your playstyle.

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